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The Vagrant

There’s a man who sleeps in the cold at night
on the bench down by the lake in the park.
His pillow, a bag he carries, of the bits he owns
just his jacket, to keep him warm in the dark.

Who was he, before he fell into this way of life
and is there someone who loved him and more.
Did he have a car, a house, a job of importance
was his life something special and happy before.

I just can’t see how he can be happy
the life he lives is a lonely place it seems.
With no one to talk to, no one at all
no hope, no phone, no home, no dreams.

I wonder if he left children, without a father
is he running away from something really bad.
Or maybe this is how he wants his life to be
but then why does he always seem to look so sad.

His face is dirty, like the jacket he wears
and his clothes, well they are just the same.
He speaks to no one if they try to offer help
a homeless wanderer, a stranger with no name.

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Structured: Western
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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very descriptive. Too often we forget they weren't born vagrants..........................scribbler

thank you scribbler, nice of you to comment.

author comment

Joe thank you for such an encouraging and thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it.
take care,

author comment

Where Barry and I live now, every day we are approached by panhandlers, we usually carry change and I've often thought about *interviewing* these folks and writing a book about them. Some I've talked with have a great sense of empathy, humour and are very very colourful looking. (There's also a black middle-aged couple, always holding hands as they walk around asking.) At least I should write a book about some of the reasons given for asking such as the one man who wanted to go somewhere that might have been true. Every human being on earth has a story to tell.

I digress thank you for taking your time to make the observation and ask your questions, it shows that you care. So many are hardened to their reality.


thanks very much for your interesting comments.
take care,

author comment
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