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Unholy Shit!...

The drizzling rain was lit
Strobes of light against the black
He stood still for just a bit
Wet clothes upon his back

He was quiet in the shadows
No sound or movement made
Back against the hedgerows
In one fist he held a blade

The dancing of the silver sheet
Spray bouncing off the stone
Murderer and victim meet
Together, but alone

He turns to run, his buckles flashing
In the lightning show
Killer's knife, some slashing
And the blood does flow

A room with candles guttering
Black-robed figures sway
Weird music and some muttering
The priest begins to pray

Lightning leaves it's mark
Fleeting scars on a leaden sky
Then it's twice as dark
To a worship blinded eye

A voice shouts out; “Who calls me here?”
I heard my name called loud
A nervous whisper, filled with fear
Sneaks out from the crowd

“We summoned you, oh mighty one
Do our bidding, take this life
Then our will, will be done
Use your shining knife”

An ugly smile grew on his face
It wound it's way across
“I'll kill for you in this place
Beneath this Satan's Cross”

Nude and white, she lies half dead
Down her cheek there runs a tear
Trembling limbs, she turns her head
He says; “How are you dear?”

He draws his knife shiny-bright
Moving close to her
“There are surprises on this night
This I know for sure”

With a lunging slash, he swung
The cleric gave a groan
Air, phffft from a punctured lung
He sat down with a moan

Now Killer says; “Let us dance
You all deserve a turn
I'll give each of you an equal chance
Send you all to Hell to burn”

Scarlet drops of life did spurt
All upon the wall
He spun and danced,did his hurt
Stepped back to watch them fall

Iron Maiden with spikes stuck in
Slammed shut and screams began
There goes one to meet his sin
As blood gushed from the man

A candle stand makes a spear
Hurled with force, it meets a chest
There are more shouts of naked fear
It's Killer at his best!

Now, he smiles and stabs another
Rips his knife up through the heart
Guts spill out, a cry for mother
As he starts to come apart

Six are down, seven to go
Unholy thirteen souls
“I'm not sorry, I hope you know”
He fends off all their blows

Brains leak out from another head
When Killer kicks it away
New meaning to the words; brain-dead
It bounces in a spray

Fire from a sputtering torch
Lights up a black-robed man
He screamed as it began to scorch
It trailed him as he ran

The last of them on bloodied knees
The priest, the summoner
“Why did you kill all of these
Why kill them and not kill her?”

I am “The Great One, to be sure”
But not the one you seek
I won't slay the one who's pure
I'm protector of the weak”

“Your god is not a match for me
He cannot take my life
I have a higher power than he
I'm the one who guides my knife”

“You disturb me most of all
I do not like your mind
You would have me join your fall
I'm not like you, you'll find”

“My murders are to save the good
I don't kill for sport
I cleanse the evil in neighborhoods
Save the cost of court”

“Your evil is about to die
You will be a barbecue
I'll just tell a little lie
When they're chowing down on you

The gleaming blade plucks out one eye
Killer sucks it down
Please don't faint, but you can cry
As I scalp your balding crown

Filleted you'll make good barbecue
And the blood runs on the floor
Yes, indeed, I think you'll do”
Then the evil was no more

The maid that was a sacrifice
Was released and free
I think you'll find that Killer's nice
Well... he seems that way to me

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Last few words: 
This a poem that was lost a while back and recently rediscovered. I don't think it was ever posted here and thought that it might be of interest to Killer's fans.
Editing stage: 


I love it
It made me both squirm and smile at the same time

Lol -Killer the hero...

I enjoyed the story so much that i paid little heed to the poetry
Any rhythm stumbles were minor enough to not detract from the read

One typo though - fileted ... filleted

Good to read another Killer tale... a little different from his usual adventures too

Love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

that you liked Killer's latest tale. I have been reading up on ballads and watching the results of Wes'
workshop. I have always liked the story-telling side of poetry and I am a great fan of rhyme. I guess what I do is somewhat a ballad, though not as strict as the workshop guidelines. I fixed the typo.
~ Gee

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