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Unconditional Love

Wastin’ time, sipping’ whiskey
sittin’ at a bar on the boardwalk by the sea
the jukebox keeps on playin’ image of a girl
and it takes me back to when I first saw you
swayin' to the rhythm of the waves
eyes as blue as the sea
the wind in your hair
pink ribbons everywhere

I stopped to stare
you did your best to make a boy aware
your swayin’ arms let me in at my worst
the touch of your hand calmed the storm inside me
I saw it in your eyes
I felt it from your heart
love was all around me

You made it so easy
the way you loved me
made it so easy with every little thing you did
Unconditional, unconditionally
You loved me unconditionally

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flow unconditionally. I've hesitated long enough. I wished to ponder your poem before I made a comment. Now, I think that I should let you know that this is a great poem about coming of age and understanding at last, what love is all about years later.
This speaks volumes of how we should approach love and relationships. Unconditionally!
~ Geez.

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Thanks Geezer for the read and comment

author comment

I dunno?
Every time I read you I see a guy with an acoustic guitar in hand and spliff in mouth,
Its predominantly a song! yes?

I like it btw.


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