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U S E D * 2 * Y O U

causes to causes
we rushed
drowned in the heartless
growth gathered about
the ruins


your soul rode
thin robed


winter eyes full and
a crawling winter night

Love like increments
fingers on a hip
lust sick

Editing stage: 


I always get great imagery from reading your work, but sometimes I don't quite get the emotions. Is it that sometimes you mute the emotions or am I just missing something?


everything is in a different language or dimension sometimes..
years of living like this.....everyone tells me..I am aware of this not just in my writing
but in my communicating with others also.....
Thank You! ...I am very happy the imagery is vivid though....

author comment

Your poetry is so unique. I have never anything like it. Bravissimo!

The Unknown Poet

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