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u l t r a v o t r o x x

supine the syrup sizzle
melting sweetly in the pan
la glace

forming rigid trajectories

bore easy you chew gum
i find it everywhere
knowing that you've come
and left a deliverance
like a worn panache

a fan hums
drawing ideas

we are light years away
yet you never forgive
to place a smooth pale
hand against my chest
and measure the distance
creaturely and careful

tasting concoctions
delightful in forty watt
light bathe

sitting curled in the maze
of shadows
with gleaming eyes
beneath the bangs

and i count the magnificence
of an ashe falling bright
standing barefoot on the ice
while smoke
and a year whirls

Editing stage: 


knowing that you've come

did you mean the other cum here
I wonder


maybe I did....but no..not here in this one..
more of a ponderance poem this one....
nothing exciting going on in my world..
no intimacy....comfort here
and there.....the big fiery passion deal
awaits i presume but am willing to accept few brief stints here and there
as a lover to some was like a flare..
we threw shadows to distract for their
big landing of postions in life..
good hubby..workmate...provider not handsome
i have a bad attitude a lot of the time
and the things that interest me are
like seven major items i keep obsessing hobbies..
accomplishments of the grand but
glory days are such...wax and wan
about stuff that went on twenty years
ago is not that great....if i write about
this stuff i put it in a modern context
without trying to date it....its poetry
fiction....word dazzle not a technical
exact design...

i live in my head a lot and like it here.
its like climbing stairs to the lighthouse
or a cab of a big high equipment deal
coming down out of my head to deal
with issues is a long delay in seconds
or response......I could have had a more
exciting life if i did not live like this..
Ive met people who just jumped on board
isolation...small jobs..big jobs..
my few little moments....days in some
cases..keep me going...
i live on breadcrumbs instead of banquets
but the same hunger the same taste
i know well of...i can describe it....

im driven to write poetry and paint at times
when i have too for cash income to buy
little things like smokes and food now..
(but im equally creative and driven for other
appetites too......but again im not big on
the bold.......small little steady moves...)
and yet iVe done some very massive
sidestep moves too....

intellect looks drive...those three things i like

i will in the warmer future compose more
passion writes...

Thank You!

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