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twirlers and twisters..... lovers

You twisted your desire
as now you could not her fire
as she had kids two
which you never knew
as you wanted her
only for you

but with kids
two or three
you would never have ever wanted
a virgin you were wanting
laughing all your while
you had your fun

son till she gave away
her secrets that day
blasted rain
why did it have to come
a divorced
as your share
where is your God
ask him

you were enjoying
a future love story
now life has again become gory
look for some more glory

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


life is full of these...
some of the greatest creative artists
lived tortured lives
run by great
thrown out by jealousies
but they honed their craft
honed their lives
become something other
then the mute copies
of what happened to
beating their pity
like sorry drums
Your poem sounds
and potent
with its tale.!

Thank U!

Mr Wolf!

Your poem sounds
and potent
with its tale.!

thank Q

author comment

Irrespective of storms...
lovers go on...
lover’s times come once in a way....
like do Haiti storms...
so as you love on the beaches sand....
listen to my poetry as you land...........

How was the Miami Beach
During recent storm of Haiti
Last time I wrote poetry
Hurricanes come to scare
not coz GOD willed it
but atmosphere wanted to laugh
at falling pressures
on man's back
as does a monkey
'twas a storm
man did not call for
nor by God
it was nature’s deal
to tell all
beware, I shall prevail after all
Ere comes this another normal fall...

author comment
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