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Turtledove’s Lament

Turtledove’s Lament

I hear the sweetest “Coo-coo-rooo,”
The calling of a turtledove—
No doubt, she’s asking, ‘Who are youuuu?’

I coo, “Are you the dove I love,
The one who’d fill my feathered nest
With bliss—and preen my love-filled chest?”

But now I hear one “coo-coo-rooo,”
Announcing prior ownership.
In sadness I coo my ‘Adieu,’

Lament this star-crossed bird courtship,
And fly away to distant trees—
No more to “coo-coo-roo” my pleas.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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How does this theme appeal to you?
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you manage to write the cutest poems very enjoyable

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Thanks for the nice comment, and you want to hear something that's even cuter? My wife just had a baby: ME! You wouldn't believe it-- He looks just like me. Could I be his dad? I told you, you wouldn't believe it, lol. It's just a joke--nothing but a silly joke. Thanks again, Chrys.

author comment

Hello, Jerry,
This is very sweet. You have captured the soft sound and feel of the Turtle Dove, which to me is one of the least pretentious and most sincere bird calls. They are adorable in their soft, sad way.
Thank you!

it's so nice to read your comment, and it's true, the calling back and fro of two turtledoves is mellow and sweet. Oh--have no fear, I shall not torture you with one of my silly jokes that I'd sprung on Chrys. A simple thank you for your nice comment must do for now. Therefore, thank you. Jerry

author comment

In assuming that you were calling to a turtle dove and she answered? Then whilst you were engaged in the courtship, your own turtle dove announced that lunch or dinner was served or some other banality? Anyway, regardless of my take on this poem, it makes for a nice read and few minutes pleasant cogitation. ~ Geezer.

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I suppose my poem can be interpreted in many ways, but if my turtledove calls me for dinner, then it won't be ribeye steak but crop milk. And for Dessert-- How can I resist her? Glad you read my ornithological contribution. Thanks. Jerry

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