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Tupac Shines

Tupac Shines

One can see it on the faces
Folks in the inner city
We hear your cry
Keep your head up
Tupac Shakur gone to soon
Took a bullet
A true hustler
Artist of his time
He was never caged always free
Free to write his songs in harmony
With a story in his dreams
His mother raised him well
With a great story in which to tell
A rapper who met Biggie Smalls
Did some hard times
Tupac Shines

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we had much music...
remember beastie boyz
and the rest of the fresh new
from seventies
first rap to me was Blondies
song.....just a line i remember
title gone at moment in mind
..and the man from mars was
eating cars..eating cadillacs
and subarus...
a great tune and times..79'
did a painting of Biggie
that classic shot of him wearing
his crown.....steppie with her new
better handsome man came down
for visit...she found him biggie
and packed him me..
loved that pic i did of ol biggie
watched the doc on that time
and tupac too...they lived it..
raw moments...
entertainers life is not easy..
know a few...
all about the music
and the risk

I Love this poem
cause its about people
dynamic people
and where they came they existed
and how they are gone..
and I do often listen
to their music still...

a bob dylan song
all along the watchtower
is being used for a cologne
commercial and i thought
at first..of his estate sold out
but then i remember my impressions
of hendrix beyond the woodstock
soundtrack i lived as a teen
he was such a flashy dresser
and great entertainer...he would

thank U for you work


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