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Trump Says...

Go back to where you came from
You haven't got a clue
Don't tell us white Americans
What we've got to do

If you don't like it here
Go back and change it there
Leave for your old, stinky country
Out of my blonde and thinning hair

I'll make you wish you never came
To our great American shores
Cross the Rio Grande, baby
And you will sleep on dirty floors

I'll take your children from you
Put them in a cage
Make immigrant a filthy word
I'll make you feel my rage

The nerve of you, coming here
Wanting a better life
You're not like my Melania
My beautiful Slovekian wife

I pay my illegal help real well
Don't want them squealing to the Feds
But if they're sick, I fire them
They can die and go to hell

We'll win in twenty-twenty
Just you wait and see
I'll keep their attention going
On the great economy

They fell for divisive rhetoric
The Russians helped us out
Told the world how Muslims hate us
Hear their F.B. shouts!

I'll keep the money flowing
Tell them what they want to hear
Fat wallets in shifty hands
Tell them how to cheer

I could shoot a man in broad day light
My base would love me still
They don't care, I've got the power
They can't see through dollar bills

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Last few words: 
I have rearranged some of the stanzas and deleted one. I think it has more connectivity now.
Editing stage: 


very factual, I enjoyed the rhyme. Not sure about your last line though. The money goes to the big corporations, his base are the little guys who fall into the 'America for the white' rhetoric.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

that I meet, that is a Trump supporter; says that the economy is great and it's about time that someone has taken China and our other importers to task. Most of these people are making in the range of forty to about a hundred thousand a year. I peg them as middle-class in wages. I don't know anyone on the poverty-level that supports him! To some people, forty thousand doesn't seem like much, but to someone that has never achieved that level, it seems like a lot of money; especially if they are on Social Security and food stamps. ~ Geezer.

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author comment

You do.

He is the prodigious scum bag Kleptocratic Frankenstein knuckle dragging fascist all right.
Harmed innocence beyond tabulation, terrorizes citizens, ruined our relations with our allies, is remarkably stupid and takes his orders from the kremlin...a black hearted soulless ghoul

Sorry your litany got me !!!!

I guess I'm an uneducated smelly, brainless moron because I support what he is doing. I'm not wild about his character but it takes somebody who is tough and ruthless to fight the cesspool that DC has become and the propaganda arm of the dems which the media has become. Have none of you realized you are insulting at least half the population when you say this kind of stuff? And surely you can't think the hildabeast would have been a better choice............... well I'm gonna duck back into my cave and paint on the walls while ya'll throw stones and bombs my way

Hes not fighting a cesspool he is cultivating one ever more immense and aren't we insulted every day as our democracy is destabilized, He's putting babies in cages for godsakes man
how can you like that or justify that kind of trauma to children? That causes permanent harm and will haunt them permanently Yeah scribbler and I'm sensitive about perpetual racial slurs and using his position to make side millions like the freaken king of Timbuktu banana republic He aids and abets the Russian gov to destroy free elections in our country for his own purpose to rig eections in his favor Does that make him Putin's slave ,,,,YES IT DOES!!!! He's dumber than shit when he says the Chinese are paying for the trade war American consumers pay that bill every time they go to the store and as far as currency manipulation which the Chinese are guilty of Trump would have been infinitely more effective to actually do something about if he hadn't alienated all those who would have stood with us as allies ...I guess you like giveaways to billionaires and massive unrecoverable debt on the shoulders of the working class
Im sorry I didnt want this site to become a political fight club but there isn't a night I come home and dont want to vomit listening to this tub of shit in a suit wit his moronic blabbering

continuing a policy put in place by the chosen one (barak). I heard nobody screaming then. As to separating kids from families, over one third these kids are not related to the adults they came here with. They were sold to these people by cartels because it makes it easier to claim asylum if you have a child with you. Aid and abets Russia? You are talking about the president who has put more sanctions on russia than any other prez. He is also the only one EVER to give troops the go ahead to fire on russian troop which they Did in Syria. But I'm aware I'm tying to use facts against a person who has already been brain washed by the media which has become the propaganda arm of the DNC. You don't like Trump? Fine. Run a decent candidate against him if you have one...................

While what you say is true and even worse incorporates sex trafficking by your own admission lets keep in mind two thirds are actually with their parents; and more importantly with parents or not they are children who are being subjected to unspeakable horrors . That can never be okay!!!! I This discussion may reflect the singular most important difference culturally / emotionally and intellectually between the right and the left. The nature through out history of iron will right wing fascist policy is to always justify their ends with heinous means. Being a Jew, having had family that suffered the terrors of concentration camps all for very legitimate reasons according to the German reich and apperently Trump as he incarcerates babies and toddlers.

For your info the president has NOT in fact put sanctions on Russia!!! Thats pure FOX swill.
He has done everything in his power to defer and obstruct sanctions imposed by the Obama administration in 2014
By refusing to implement Russia sanctions mandated by Congress despite tremendous political pressure to do so, the Trump administration has sent a clear message: Don’t worry about sanctions, the United States won’t follow through. These are not alternative facts they are the current reality.
As far as firing on Russian troops it was a total charade with a preemptive wink and nod from Trump to Putin as a demonstration of his alleged sincerity ,and a political necessity and sited as minimalist. That why the US defense official said the US had been in contact with Russia throughout the day leading up to the missile attack did not mean that a decision to escalate US military involvement in Syria had been made. Not that I'm not glad he did it.

" But I'm aware I'm tying to use facts against a person who has already been brain washed by the media which has become the propaganda arm of the DNC. You don't like Trump? Fine. Run a decent candidate against him if you have one."

You think you have the facts and your not brainwashed in spite of 17 USA intelligence agencies un-equivocating in their condemnation of Russian interference in our elections and white house complicity while the fat flabbering blabber head waxes on with one remarkably stupid lie after another and even admitted Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner said “I don’t know” when asked if he would contact the FBI after having learned about Russian attempts at election sabotage. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has contended that there is “nothing wrong” with taking information from Russians which is in fact against the law

NO I dont like Trump and there is very some chance he will be indicted at the end of his nightmare reign Impeachment proceedings have already begun as a new cacophony of scandals emerge and various state DAs continue to investigate him

So look Scribbler your never gonna get me to like this man He is everything I despise Go ahead believe in him and FOX if you like Many republicans secretly hate him but are terrified of being outed by his tweets and losing their jobs. Dont be so certain he will win the next election. The rust belt that that was a critical population helped big time to put him in the presidency is now unraveling as the coal industry continues to sag, stock market goes down, the cost of living goes up, farmers go broke,and factories start moving away again,. For many who voted for him originally their hopes of an improved life have been dashed. Personally I think he's a traitor to his country "Russia are you listening" ...really??? He's a lackey of the Russian Mafia and Gov; one and the same. and a total fake as a successful businessman Just a fat rich fumbling sociopath But thats just me and about 60% of the population

Ill leave you with this quote and no its not fake even though you wish it was
Trump Hates Poor People and thinks there stupid… Including You.
Fact: Most of Donald Trump’s supporters are poor.

"You might hope to be wealthy like The Donald someday, but chances are, you won’t be. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I’m just being honest with you. And because you’re poor, Donald Trump thinks you’re a stupid person who doesn’t deserve to vote. (Those are his words, not mine.) Do you think poverty equals stupidity? Are you a dumb person just because you don’t have as much money as he does? Well… you’re supporting Trump, so you’re definitely a stupid person, but it’s not because you’re poor (for most of you, it’s because your mom drank during her pregnancy… just keepin’ it 100, folks). But I’m not sure why I’m even going on about this. It’s not as if you can read anyway."

“Trump” isn’t really Donald Trump’s Last Name. His actual last name is “Drumpf.

Good luck

If you dislike Trump the run a decent candidate against him. I see little but socialists who are all sprinting as far to the left as they can right now. The dems investigated for almost 3 years and found no collusion with russia and then complained about an innocent man trying to protect himself against false allegation . Now they call it obstruction. How desperate are they? Trump will be elected for the same reason he was elected first time. The dems have nobody to run against him and what platform they have other than hate Trump is too socialist to be approved by the majority of Americans.

Russia is socialist! It is the preeminent political platform of kleptocrats and that is exactly what Trump is. Do you even know what the difference is between social security and a deep socialist state ? I know you haven't a clue! But you never heard a dog whistle you didnt run after, Better do some google or read something bedsides the words of criminal and chief
Trump is not desperate right scribbler...just as of yet a proven unindicted co conspirator facing multiple law suits and criminal charges If you think because the FBI could not make a hermetically sealed case for collusion with a foreign Gov doesnt mean he is innocent He speaks the language of bribery, the language of the underworld, of racketeering, not the language of a president who is supposed to be enforcing the rule of law and is terrified that his taxes would expose his financial ties to the kremlin oligarchs via Deutsche Bank. Trump never met a lie he didnt like
As for the election we shall see if its even legitimate Which of course if rigged would be in his favor seen to it by trumps special overseas socialist communist fascist Russian friends who you apperently approve of. How pathetic is that?

You have really been drinking the Kool Aid

You see scribbler this is where you go wrong; Its one thing for you to have a political opinion to share your point of view and your ideas But you digress to personal insults and intellectual dishonesty when backed into a corner This is exactly what Trump does, He never objectifies, instead he stoops to insults and unfounded accusations, calls people names, instead of dealing with the complexity of our society in a deep thoughtful ways by using the enormous resources he has access to. He lives in a bubble of lies, a short attention span and make up stories, He lies even when he doesnt have to towards perpetual self aggrandizement He wants to be the sun god
By his own admission he loves uneducated people because they as he puts it are to stupid to vote because they dont understand anything. They are easy marks for the force of a blustering personality Based on the IQ bell curve approximately half the people in this country have less than a 100 so they have little ability towards discernment and that sir is the Kool-Aid and its orange.
So dont go around projecting yourself onto others insulting them and then trying to worm your way back into there good graces with little quips. The truth is as you can see by the comments left here that many of us wish you could do better

Trump: The Poem

you are the Pres
Oh Donald Trump
it seems like America
has hit a bump

your pitiful braggart
mean as a cuss
a bludgeon for a mouth
with a mind full a puss

its understood
you hate the press
you like the shadows
to relieve your stress

well big boy
you are the man
some people say
your loved by the clan

thanks for telling us
about the size of your prick
while conservatives smile
and give it a lick

your a star studded pageant
of confusion and lies
do you work for Putin
are you one of his spies

show us your taxes
are you a spook for a foe
are you owned by a devil
we need to know

your purging the swamp
is that what you say
Exxon and Goldman-sax
so thats how you play

you talk so big
why not give it a rest
lets see what you can do
besides be a pest

it doesn't bode well
that you don't pay your bills
let subcontractors go under
so what if it kills

break up some families
of Latin decent
with a heart like a razor
are you really that bent

are you big blabber mouth
but don't a have clue
about our constitution
that rings freedom true

we trust you completely
let your kids to the job
no problem at all
are you still friends with the mob

are ethics for others
ah to hard for Trump
will America wither
are you cancerous lump

we need some one
who can help us out
not a reckless fool
that fills us with doubt

you are the Pres
Oh Donald Trump
it seems like America
has hit a bump

Trumps Protocol

one to shy away from how I feel about politicians! I agree with you Stan, that we need to change the way we do business and stand up for ourselves, but Trump is going about it all wrong. If he had a moral compass and steered by it, he would have the support of ALL of the United States. He uses fear and money to get his way and seems to know everything! Did you know, that he is somewhat of a scientist? [An uncle or some relative of his was a sociological herbalist or some such thing]. Anyway, you don't have to worry about anyone slinging stones or bombs at you. You do have the right to your opinion and I respect that you are standing up for what you believe in. That's your right and I will defend it as vigorously as my own! And NO! she wouldn't have been better, she was just as much a moron as he is!
~ Gee.

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author comment

By now there are two camps, and nothing budges. There's my bubble, and the morons on the other side. In writing political poems we have to find a different metaphor, you're telling us on your side (which is me) what we already know, and experience daily. Yes, it feels good to write, get it off your chest,,,I have a whole book of poems I am working on about this trump age, wanting to preserve it as an historical document of what it felt to live in these times, like the poetry of the Vietnam era, or the war poems of WWI. Man, that is so hard. to find metaphors, symbols, ironies, POETRY, to create ART out of it, not propaganda. This poem was too easy to write. It needs to get into the soul, or change it's tone to an irony.

(Outside of the poem, a thought: It took a very short time for McCarthy to be condemned after a few year run, similar to this asshole.The edges are starting to come off. Once the economy falters, which it will (for god's sake everything is getting so expensive!) you'll see the support drop like flies. McCarthy was bad, owned the congress, owned the media (radio) at the time, used fear and paranoia to spread his message. He was a loud mouth animal building his case against commies, jews and all the rest, as the current animal does to immigrants. This is my take. History will repeat itself. He will fall. And it will be a hard one.)

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

made accusations proven to be false. So far the accusations made by Trump have been proven true.

man, with such an observation about this absolute liar in chief, for you the only way to go is up.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Trump: I was speed on........denied by dems now proven true
Trump: I am being accused of collusion which never happened........Dems scream treason and begin a 3 year investigation on collusion.....result No collusion.
Trump: the media is conspiring against me.....dems scream liar but then numerous sources say it is true and my own eyes and ears see the same false talking points used on the same day.
Trump: Comey is a liar........dems scream no then the liar is fired on the recommendation of the FBI
Need I go on?
But this is a poem's feedback tab. Hence I'm not going to continue distracting from that by responding to any more of these type comment.

this prick fires the head of the FBI then invites the Russians in for pow wow and brags about it to their press of a thousand insults to the dead at Arlington. There
is not nothing I could ever say to convince you sir, you and your socialist bullshit.
I keep tryin' not to get more involved. I hate your shit as much as you hate mine. You are not more "American" than me, only one who has lost his moral compass somewhere and follow the roman mob to defeat.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Most interesting read.
Small thing:

"Healing meds" does not come together, I think.
One of them is enough.

How about removing "healing"?
For example:
I pay my illegal help real good,
Don't want them squealing to the Feds,
But if they're sick, I'll fire them
and won't be paying for their meds.


Not all meds are healing, there are also those of preventive or stabilizing effect, but I thought that I should accept the challenge of rewriting those lines, just to show, that there are ways of doing it. ~ Geezer.

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author comment

or is this a political blog?
I like the meter and rhyme of this poem and your point is well told. However, the last line of the 6th stanza needs a clearer bridge to the 1st line of the 7th stanza. I didn't get it the first time I read it. Maybe a rearrangement of the 1st and 2nd lines of the 7th stanza would help.


Yeah, you're at the right place. Political poetry has a way of starting arguments among sane people though lol

If I had known that, I wouldn't have wasted my time.

think that your time was wasted! I thought your point was valid enough, to change some of the stanzas around and even delete one! Just because my poem was a rant, it doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve to be looked at fairly. ~ Geezer.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

However, your poem was NOT a rant. It simply was not critiqued by anyone except me. I have been getting so many mixed messages about the importance of critique, and how "it is not the place for comments only," etc.. It's a bit confusing for someone who has only been here at Neopoet for 3 months.


Your revision made it a smooth read.


It's alright to "comment" and even that is a critique sometimes! If you tell someone that they didn't
"do it" with what they have written, that you didn't get the feeling that they were trying to invoke, that is good too! You don't always have to find something to change or improve upon, in order to be a "good"
member. I always enjoy your take on my work. Thank you, ~ Geezer.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

not everyone sees things the way I do, and I'm sure that my political stance doesn't sit well with all.
I do make fun of Trump and hope that it does cheapen his legacy. However, it is never my intent to cause anyone to receive personal aggravation. I never call anyone a stupid, ignorant, brainless, anything. I deplore those kind of tactics and the people that use them. Thank you Stan, for understanding that and I hope that I didn't aggravate you anymore than necessary. ~ Gee.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

S2,L4..Change presidential hair to combed over hair
S6,L1 Change good to well then L3 to if sick they can go to hell.S7,L1...change to twenty twenty

Hope these ideas help improve a poem whose premise I don't agree with lol

I think you gave me some good critique, thanks! ~ Gee.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

Scribbler and Marthalyn are right. This site is not for political squabbles. We have always tried to judge the poetry and not the content. Stan has been the epitome of a gentleman and I hope that he knows that I have not ever disrespected him for his political leanings. This is the last of "Trump Says" I will not post anymore. Not because of any political views that may be expressed, but because it IS a distraction. Thank you all. ~ Geezer.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

I know that it is an unreasonable idea not to discuss content, and I wish that I had said it as well as you have. I guess that the old saying is true; "There are three things that you shouldn't discuss with friends
if you want to keep them as friends. Politics, religion and money. LoL ~ Gee.

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With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

And upon consideration it might well result in arguments. Such is the way things are and should be. As long as the arguments don't devolve into name caking and/or profanity it does little harm. Eumolpus and I as well as some others strongly disagree on American politics at this time but I don't hate him for this and I don't think he hates me. So we spout our disagreements then move on

As I've always said; You are a gentleman and it is a privilege to know you.

Come to chat every Thursday - 3:30 to 4:30 pm. EST.
With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

author comment

It is a common point in the two poetry workshops I host in the D.C. area. As with art, a visual, poetry is about ideas. If the poem is about "nothing", which some poets like to write in our abstracted age, the reader will get just that. If the poem is about something, that is the first reaction we give...not about the meter, not about the iambic success or failure.
Politics is part of life, and poetry cannot and should not avoid it. The problem of making it "art" rather than propaganda or telling a point of view in verse, to make the poem enter "poetic truth" is very difficult indeed! But some a re successful. Think of all the anti Vietnam war poetry.

If a poem takes on politics, the resulting comments will follow. There is no way out of it, nor should there be. There are many ways lives can be affected by art. If the conversation bothers you, leave the room.

I found the comments defending this fucking moron so shocking I had to say something. I just can't sat back and let the vomit mouths of Fox news be repeated here without some backlash. These are passionate political times. They will remain that way for a while. It is what it must be. I would not try to limit our passions on this site.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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