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trump l’oeil of insanity (after Artaud)

pronouncements from the Commander in Chief:
it’s a monkey house scatter round the banana tree
let’s all chew on horseshit and bubblegum
the money smells like locust honey scum
ice cream falls from the sky patchouli oils the guns
urine in the wheat beer fake kisses on fake lips-
'who among us believes in this?'

the year is 2020 now you see it now you don’t
what’s real is a magician’s wand
a wisp of smoke and mirrors a drone in the fog
a pantomime of dead elephants and melting ice
wild dogs howling with the homeless
it’s a monkey house with quick assassins-
'who among us has satisfaction?'

let madness feed the wear and tear
rip weeds from the lawn of despair
raise the pirate flag of chaos
And head for the swamps of Mar-a-Lago
go to what is real or what is real
it’s a monkey house out here a real ordeal-
'and who the hell among us doesn’t wail?'

Last few words: 
Antonin Artaud- founder of the Theater of the Absurd, certainly true of today's live events. Tromp l'oeil- (well here Trump l'oeil), in art, the painting of something so real that it becomes an illusion, like the painting of a violin on the wall that looks like an actual violin.
Editing stage: 


Trump's regime has been and will be a trip to the monkey's portion of the zoo, You have portrayed it well. Nice job! ~ Geezer.

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How can one approach madness other than with madness?
Seems to be getting madder by the minute
Thanks for the read.


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

Yeah, the big 3!
Whose hair is better? Whose brain is worse?
Socially distant but grateful for your thoughts.
Global pandemics only have so much power.

Oh dear, we have a corrupt government, difficult to know whether it's center, right or left. And the people voted them in, just as they voted for the Donald and the Bozo and others, such as our neighbor Bolsonaro. And so it goes...
About you poem, it's excellent, except he's worse than a monkey. A guy who keeps families in cages, then sends the kids someplace else, allows them to die of malnutrition in the midst of wealth, is nothing short of Hitler.
I feel sick reading about DT, so please forgive me because I won't comment any more.
All the best, please vote for a Democrat.

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

Gracy, have you ever heard of such? This regime defies description, logic, and any sense of decency.
I am going with the anyone (democrat) but 45/3 candidate. Let's vote them all out! Let's see if our votes really still count for something.
Thanks for your comments!

Eumolpus, haven't you tried the Cool Aid? Don't you know up is down? How could you heap even more abuse on
the best and biggliest POTUS of all time? He has been treated worse than any other, where is your compassion?
The poor guy deserves to be given a break for dismantling the shining example of a flawed but note worthy political
and social experiment that has widely been a beacon for dreamers for a couple plus centuries. Don't you know how
important it is for him to be accountable to no one, to put himself and profit before all others, and to be thanked
profusely for it?
Sometimes sparks fly from our finger tips don't they?
Comparing 45/3 to a monkey is an insult to the monkey, even so, well done.

so we have to respond with it.
It is hard to write POETRY about politics, history, without propaganda, or just being on an obvious rant, pretty words and passion of what everybody already I'm looking in this collection of poems about the trump age to write poems which both capture the moment and the emotion of living in it...hope to publish...but first, this tragic opera must end, and the curtain has not yet closed and the performance goes on!

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

author comment

...being saddled with someone like Trump. We in Britain have his English equivalent, Boris Johnson. The parallels are quite frightening: both are obese, both cannot tell the difference between truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty, both insult minorities, both are egotistical and ill-informed , both are very poor public speakers and both have handled the COVID-19 crisis appallingly badly,leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths. I realise that the US media give little coverage to anything which happens outside the YSA but did you know that Johnson has publicly called homosexuals "bumboys", liitle black children "piccaninnies with watermelon smiles" and has said Muslim women wearing burkas look like bank robbers and letter boxes?

Having said all that, Trump is 1000 times worse as he actually tries to stir up inter-community hatred and encourages violence via inflammatory language like looting and shooting, well aware of its racist undertones. The good thing is that you can vote the f***er out in 5 months' time. We are stuck with Johnson and his gang of rightwing cronies for another four and a half years.

Well written!

Poet(ess) to the Stars

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