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patent bodysuit
wagers slung in lycra
gusset flags
taut between tall

the valley flossing
full of perfumes
and heat

blossoms of want
like a dream fingered
full of PDF braille

stubble gooseflesh
rush read aloud
while naked winds
snake like a serpents
hiss around

Editing stage: 


how she loves this weather..

author comment

Wild wastes of wild places,
whistling winds,
snow diagonal stripes,
trouser in layers,
'abominable snowmen'
trudge trudge,
stomp stomp, sear.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

today is such a day!! a fur hat would be the de riguer!
Thank You Ann

author comment

Strangely reading this makes me think of you standing on a surfboard. Who is bunny mugs?

surfing would be the ultimate!! people here talk about mates
and out west Or up on Tofino
one of the sports I would want to try...just sounds like too many
fears..Water...depths...power..loss of control..madness...
etc..... actually DC comix the silver surfer was and is my fave
comix character.....all that odd musings of his...

Bunny Mugs was an old lover visiting Neo and I fell in love for her I still do over and over....the mind...the look
a kind of sadness

the old Nestle Quick mug...

author comment

Hi Esker,

I found this to be a very erotic poem! Images of 'serpents'...'blossoms of want'...'valley flossing full of perfumes'... etc., whether you intended it to be erotic is another matter! Phew!

Ells x

But interesting what the imagery conjures if you don't have a title which you understand. If I knew bunny mugs was a love goddess then I'd agree

yes its meant to be erotic
if it was supposed to have a title
one could call it
Day in the life of a Thong
but that would be to easy

so its more the viewpoint of a thong
worn so the rounded contours show through
the new spandex lycra whatever that is that
makes them look like they just left the gym
in their active wear....Its all the thing now
in the shops here and clerks even at the
check out stores...And Im not complaining

no lines

like no titles
more contoured

Bunnymugs understands about this

contour couture

that would be an excellent title!!!!

author comment

in the life of a Thong

or a thorn....


Yes...... But a thong song ......yes

thorny ...

author comment

thorny horny corny
nice to read you


Surfing on a frozen lake, I didn't exactly surf,
the sail was a blanket, of wool, but we
fair raced across the lake the wind was so strong,
even with a woollen sail!! We wore our skis,
two people holding the rug between them.
I was 15 yrs old then.

Love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

Surfing along a frozen lake ( my feeble attempt)
the sail was a blanket,
the wind was ,strong,
a woollen sail, skis
two people holding the rug
between them.
I was 15 yrs old
I couldn't surf
The wind in my hair
Made me a blonde ice goddes

around the same age we were on ice skates
I fell more often then not but no matter
no snow...One could shine the light down
at night the torch to see all the creepy green bottom
and we had a sail from a summer craft we used
we could really get going before we wiped out..

There is nothing like feeling like this at this age..
young memories and now old I take to the trails
feeling the snow and wind and excitement of the dogs

Thank You!

author comment
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