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Travelling to Hope

Oh but what is life
without a few bumps in the road?
As long as you know
at which moment
to put your foot down
on those hardened breaks

Slowing down a bit first, of course
Once you have stopped
you catch your breath
and you can breathe a sigh of relief
Regaining your fighting spirit
to then change your destination.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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the comedian Mel Brooks said, "Everything in life is Location, Location, Location," but I like your words of wisdom as well. Well said, much liked, Ms.Teddy!

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I am quietly flattered by your kind words, to be written in a review with the great Mel Brooks just tickles me pink.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Hi, Teddy,
This is wonderful - I pictured myself possibly overlooking a choppy sea, inhaling hope and exhaling exhaustion, then feeling the calmness and moving on. Wonderful!
Thank you!

So great to see you, you always see so deeply into the poem and you have made my day. Thank you.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

It's a pleasure reading this poem - very Zen-like!

without a few bumps(ON) in the road?

to put your foot down
on those hardened (BRAKES) breaks

there are always bumps, sometimes big sometimes small, but i hope mine is soft and gentle. Thank you Lovedly. XOX

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I love the flow of this poem. It feels so natural and the message is delightfully clear. One gets tired of trying to piece discordant poems back together however they are meant to mean. This poem doesn't even need that but says what it wants to say in a straightforward way.

"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's true aim." Oscar Wilde

Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words, I truly appreciate them.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment
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