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Slip in the ivory softness
tender like keys
unlocking hearts
like a quiet winged theif
The half folded wisp
Down to the revolt of darkness
of marble arched
brake breath
and electric winds
wear your mask
like a shield
where elbows
like spears

Smiles are crescent
notes drawn like
on pigeon parade
the Blue Velvet
of coins and delicate

Thunderous brutal
ejecting velocity
the dash of sun
and the river
mute and glaring

the mountians

chromium atmosphere
in baths of
one look spell cast
pure devotion


Editing stage: 


the length of your composition
many here are in
secret and silent submission
of not knowing

yet have no power of admission
a poet wants admiration
such a one are you my
the most deserving
of Neo

you come first
as I recede fast

Kubrick wrote Eyes wide shut or made the movie
pardon me..
My women friends enjoyed the books fifty
shades...and also American Psycho
Dexter...and loved Bates Motel

but then they said I could write
better books and to them
I write chapters
they are the most creative creatures
and responsive recipients
If memory serves me well..

Many enjoy the submission
and dominance game
role play

of that ..I will never indulge
this here
that form of writing

but I am far far from
being a prude
or a puritan
put it that way!

what else
Oh Happy Thanksgiving!
watched Macys parade today!

thank U!

author comment

a moving thesaurus
I am only commas and full stops

was in both...and safely afforded street love..back
in the day...
no one goes into battle with out a flak vest
protection means many are here today
and many are not

tracer lines.....zines..vines.

for a year I did cover art for an underground
thirteen years before I even found
and before that I was hanging
out with the old hippies
and nam vets
driving a stick shift
ford half ton
before I even had a liscence
three on the tree!

I know alphas
and Im not shitting U
when I say that..
they make like tons of money
per annum.
I cant say what they do
okay accountants bank managers
maybe they talk to me today
maybe they dont..
but for a time they did

my writing is atmospheric threshold

I have faced murderers and theives
and those coming fresh
from prison too
but maybe not

I exist on so many levels
I am so much too so many people
I have many haters
but they cannot be me
they are what they are
they should be satisfied
with what They have
they are not equipped
to delve what I delve the meantime
in reality.....
I write poetry!

lots and lots of it!

author comment

thank lord i had a sheltered life
A PA beside
all in the open
nothing to hide

college friends
hospitals as a kid
asthma..always sick
those places
and then housing
court..marble edifice
the underground ripples
I touched and who touched
me in intellect and hang the clock
the walk and talks

working the bars for info
just chumming..
a life beyond
and La La Land

cigarettes and instant coffee
old passion like dried flowers
and winter blessings
encapsulated in its moments
and now winter moons
bathe all reflections on the
rivers from the bridges
lights glittering on water
like diamonds
stop lights in puddles
like rubies..

author comment
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