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Time Evokes Love

You have provided cadence to the wanderer alone suffice the drama
inside we hide from a high healed mess but I must clearly confess
a soul in twilight to walk its New York mile yet to know all the great while
my mind is clear now yet at times it was getting lost in a twisted storm
they gave us a cup of coffee

as we traveled past their deeper humility
a life of true care free
believe in the impossible and you will eventually see
setting out making sweet history
a sip or two and its complete
time evokes love
long walk in the park
trying to catch that frisbee out of reach

then there's the beach
a lavish display down by the bay
gone are the days we used to frolic in a haze
today we are as mice stuck in a maze
through a variation in a dream voices scream
a great call for a little bit more
to bask in the vast expanse between time & space
we shall ever live a lasting trace
while we stay in our Peyton Place
now I further rest my case

Editing stage: 


First of all Chevyvent, I will love to know who provided cadence to the wanderer.
Where you personifying time?

1.a modulation or inflection of the voice:

"the measured cadences that he employed in the Senate

It was merely a thought process that I was dealing with at the time kind of a play on words to be more specific I hope the term helps.

Mario Vitale

author comment

this is my newest piece came to me as I remembered Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground with their many contributions that they have made on society. The impact that we have made with are time here today will become evident & echoed throughout eternity.

Mario Vitale

author comment
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