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Tiffin by the sea.

Lapsang Souchong
two sugars n me,
are owft on a charabang
jaunt to the sea,
with pickled egg Mary-
her three pekinese,
who are hairy quite scary
n chopped owft at the knees,
we are bringing darjeeling
and Oolong along
to twiddle their tootsies
and partake of our bong.

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Never heard of it, but... you never know, it might be cool, if it were iced-tea. Funny little poem and a hell of a nice tongue twister. ~ Geezer.

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but funny in a very Lewis Carol way. (or Shel Silverstein!)
I'm getting the feeling there's more than tea in the bong.
love the pekinese "who are hairy quite scary"

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Love it, great to read out loud. Once you get your tongue round it. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

I'll have a Darjeeling please, no sugar. Jxx

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