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a threnody for Dimgba Igwe[iwe]

floodgates thronged his abachaic tin abacus
sepulchral gateway petals pour cinders gust
bonfires brown burgundy bronze bust
red herring for stars departure.Rabbit
orbit ad hominem paves of glossary
carrot cave now on the mountains leap-year
stave and lightyear broken cords vary
foist fears were ears, tears sears
smuggle................. only cotton that reel
real fathom in the souls deep. so much
yon spindle swindle too old to die young
zigzag toe presses pallgall
death dresses made and two tags
accompany the originality for closures
not the wheel and stumble seizures
not fireflies hit and run playground toys
dreams on brow of a boy glitter touch
hatch latch thatch trebles and sparkled pleasures
bays watch golden sands sprawl invitees couch
run ashore and taste bittern sunlight observational
for radiance is sensory and hence virile pliant,
this is contrary to the spirits forensic taping.

the silent quest is double impact
variance dialogue to mimes tact
the telepathic communication spurious
occasioned a great move unto odious
now if he were not dead, as to see the galaxies
as a ram o death row,the spared tow titanium
wax and glow for bedtime prep gleaning
like fire set in the rain cherub beaming
366 days of soulful planting like Adefunke Sofowote
morning light lazers and delph proximity sofa water
prevalent sun cheeks, orange
an amiable synergy flux twilight death, births berated
in fields dying of draftsmanship a rhapsody
Michelangelo had no vitrification of kings hap sodden
clad stoic trend aesthetic splayed catkin
some auto assailant nothing with a cupcake
to the peoples water or varsities dilapidated,.

wrote frostiness forbidden still was
the black suitcase impersonated laddie worse
an appeal from the fickleness of racialism
white pounds and black coins schism
whose ancestors all dyed their eyelashes
a-sea copper loins, the hawks sleep sashes.
bondsmen were not necropolis fugitives
the seas can be planted and bloods wash ivres
a pigment scum found on the medallion daffodils
sherbert kings stallion for thirst perish ordeal
fishing in the waters stint stowaway
for destitute and paupers, poor people who have no land,
are they not still citizens?, flogs braille
do not feel containment compartment
allayed consensus reached a farmland
and stewardship clarifies bickering designate
olive tree birds on a face silk cotton
spriglean to the parches pale perches mutton impalement
impale in pales place penury thrush
lace spreecue cube duel rush
impoverished plates valour ignite kiwi call polarities.
fishes fly for the watermark
sorry now that pooped icicle for meal
squirm squirrel worm ridge a top teal
sunk a slop and crop sizzle drop
smears of seer sting in accumulation mutilation
maim the bowl of a bowel grass,
on a cool moonsday sod cloud grasp
airy in the supremacy tendency and smug slug
who is king over the metal brittle bug
and burnish alloy ductile Denari
afforded maroon, gush with throat slosh
sliced on the ping pong piths ,
the valleys mute shadow soar still
dance flies around the pot of gold.

in your many songs, do sing the man
tyranny fruitwhite lakeside tendril clan
and the faintest rasp its heartbeat slid
fountains mushroom on bone mastiff pestle

Editing stage: 


Probably a man of letters as we call them would be able read this and suck in the subtle meanings of your write, yet most of your audience is of standard ability.
Now you have to sort out who to write for if you want to write a complex book for those that are well read, the other thing to do is to write for the standard reader, you have the ability to do both.
One thing in your country it would be great for someone with your writing to write for the children in the schools there, they would love to read your works and it would enhance their learning.
Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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