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thirty six kernels and a turquoise- Nigeria!

the component of metamorphosis
safari and Yankari, when zing Zhao went exile
the emperor empowering jinn wei, founded gun intrepid
and R.P.G a new witches claws swoop swarm
for dusk and the dog, a sickling beside the butcher
anorexia tailor piece suit thaws pell-mell
spiral drip mechanic motor foal palings biscoe
rib-cages showing canary mercenary disco disc co-
that his voice were not truly sabotaged veterinary
himself from day slumber would have awoken,
drab loot moonbeams demand purple spaces luscious
curl black vine against the cloud palled
the cobra, the zebra sunshine sentiment novice pulsar
blown on child's kiss a dream defiant, channel alike microbe
in the medal sunshine whispered deft compulsion of combustion
on our love thrill lake gently encumber tricycle tribal
and the squirrel second to the wisest, icicle bicycle
the jackals are the wailers, in the basin centrism lurch
there are some leaves, the dragon breathes fire, circle sick
all the animals wanted to summon dalmatian and Alsatian
human life shoal in human hands, but not humans breath
lust pulse for sharing lifted brightness trounced
a serpent snake mountain lake caressed sizzling
now the lion has no choice but Adams apple
life is kindest to the birds, powerless and needing provision
enjoy from the earth, total immersion in surface ripples
ashore outward drew languid bade whisper quelled blot splinter
velvet claret crushed blue lights encased peat pit
the kangaroo fleeing a bounce to Australia quailed brittle picturesque
showcase dispirited body dips embellishments emerge
hips this is my brothers property foe reshod
vibrantly enthroned on the crest of her gale fog
this is the promised land, his wife glum , grappled
now zed in the misappropriation to assail
the tortoise is a time traveler angelic directions
the turtle tinkering has to eat pepper
to goats and sheep dying in peace
black moon deceased, private scavengers
hurry! hurry! hurry! hurry!
to the dead man and plunder
templates ten plates, knives mete
tempt late tempest less rest
forensic taping nine lives
autopsy man! for wallet palaver, flicks prickles picks
bought from chivalry charity debility
to a vandalism of volition chided born burn,
sprig spree rig, hunk teat growing tree masks
on faces feces foliage rising back rain never
referendum of robin, railway ants; head arm barrel
in single file nose-ring, abdomen of crown elephantiasis
the tortoise needs extra legs, contemptuously
like horse steeds, and stallions billowing; asked aspen charlatan
your will is critical in their own lives, thrown the wind
your abject might just seem channeled away
like Adam landza in connected coot austere
con cruxhull cross hall envy heidy astir
flock for its jock mock heroism darted
lightening striped allegiance braved cozy
to dragon demons, brotherhood alms capered
arm brother minotaur insects scorn, sham scram
the blossom affair misdemeanor bowled sun two's
through a transparent blushed moonlight
roar the entity weavers weevil hushed
a cursed suit belonging sweepstakes pipes pate
arboreal pious with corkscrew baffled
the flower blooms, attracts friendly pestilence
poor fragrance now to the flower themselves
pests scrutiny suckles multiple loving privileges
sequined crowd night tortured sots,
nature's embrace to the pearly spotlights
unfulfilled desires the soul reverence
D.N.A. upright the tethered contagious
soon to the call of loved ones beaded
collateral Calvin rage rummage rum age
albumen Al-boo men Kline saline sign sine

the lions vexation to Adam,
speak to the master master,
artistry of animals tell and symphony
that they know the promised land
we are luck rock score Oc.
the most delicate, the most potent
Zapanapaaneah seven thunder ablution,
you who are wearing the curfews of death
Romanticism of wierdelf wielding

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maybe you should tell abit more about your poems 'cos I am finding it difficult to understand them. maybe you can write that in the last words section.


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