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Who’s that fellow that came, you know, what’s his name?
The one who was quite underweight
He came round last week, with a zit on his cheek
And he mended and painted our gate

Come on, you should know it was you had to show
Him the things that were needing repair
He was ever so lean and not very clean
And was toothless with bright ginger hair

He had no teeth at all he was ever so tall
And was scrawny and lanky and long
He’d no meat on his frame but was awfully game
And for someone so skinny, quite strong

His mum had dementia he’d mislaid his denture
He came and he did a good job
He was gummy and thin with an odd kind of grin
Oh yes! It was thin gummy Bob

Editing stage: 


even before I read it.

I wonder if American readers know the term thingamabob?

Neopoet Directors

I can be serious sometimes you know. I was in a shop and yes it was called "Thingummybobs" I asked the woman behind the counter if Bob was really skinny and toothless and needless to say she thought I was barmy and didn't find it funny at all,


author comment

or it may be called a what-ya-ma-call-it or even very simply
that "thingy"

Hi John, like usual I leave your page smiling

Then my work is done.


author comment
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