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things i don't like

dewdrops on noses and pontific babble
loafers and posers and garlic and scrabble
dog poo and spiders and soup of bird's nest
these are a few of the things i detest.

jigsaws and coldsores, neighbours, nosepickers
poetry forums and men who wear knickers
warmongers, winkles, wasps, warts and all
adds to the contents that gives me the gall.

football and fishing and farters and whispers
chickpeas and lentils, courgettes and lispers
for it is thothe i doth too likewithe thcorn
and not forgetting that git, george osborne

when the dawn sings
when the mood swings
and i'm feeling glad
i simply remember the things i despise
and then i can feel
so sad.

houseflies and neckties, tut-tut-tut-tutterers
octogenarians and st-st-st-stutterers,
neil diamond, cricket and couscous are more
items yours truly does truly abhor.

cattle and fungus and those who among us
bullshit and bluster and verbally tongue us;
stick-insects, woodchip and those overweight
this is a list of more things that i hate.

faggots and maggots and earwigs and slugs
mormons and marmite, morons and thugs
which brings me neatly to those we've in charge
though, thank the lord, it's not nigel farage

when that face beams
when it all seems
everything's a rap
i simply remember my most hated things
and then i can feel
like crap.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
part 2, 'the likes of Mr Hedlund', will follow.
Editing stage: 


I can really appreciate the work you put into this poem. I like the sarcasm, the style and the rhyme and rhythm. Good work all the way around. ~ Geezer.

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