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Teresa Rafter

Ach, a delicah constitution, have I
me auld bones are getting wearier
if somebody sneezes I have a cowld
its getting worser the more I get older
I can't get a dacent man
but I'm looking as hard as I can
I've got a little piece of land
so for a dowry he'd be grand
See, since I buried my first two
it's not easy to get a beau
and these day's I'm not such a pretty view
I can be a bit contrary
and my moods oft vary
but unlike my sister Mary
I haven't got a tash long and hairy
I don't need any of that sex stuff
I can tell ya that for nuttin
Its help around the farm I'm huntin
I can make a dacent cup-o-tay
and I'm handy at baling the hay
so if your up for a bit of honest toil
and your humour don't make me blood boil
Come marry Teresa Rafter
when I'm gone you'll live happily ever after

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Editing stage: 


lol thanks for the laugh no use to me i'm still up for it thanks for enjoying cheers x

author comment

Liked the reply and the poem sue xxx

thanks a mil for liking both all the best sue x

author comment

nice to know was wondering what it was doing there x

author comment

hmm yep one or two won't mentions any names x

author comment

u never know there could be one ?

author comment

wouldn't dare u'd probably answer but its not u x

author comment

I think we are all waiting to know you now!

thanks frenchf x

author comment
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