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For Teddy from Willy who happened to be on line

Jerry’s Sonnet 12 (in the style of Willy Shake).

Assume that Willy Shakespeare would appear 1
And meet you in a time warp tête-à-tête; 2
You will be safe, dear lady, have no fear; 1
Go, join him in the chambre separee. 2
He has a wife up there, in poet’s heaven, 3
But boredom crept into that place today . . . 4
Though he is in Heaven Number Seven, 3
From there, he simply had to get away. 4
But all-too-soon, he hears her urgent call: 5
Come hither boy, if ever thou shalt love, 6
Thou best not fail to think of me at all!” 5
Well, yes, that is our Willy’s turtle dove; 6

Believe me, she sure means it; can’t you tell? 7
If Willy should be tardy, he’ll catch hell. 7

Notes: How to Write a Shakespearean Sonnet
~definition by Jerry Kemp~

A Shakespearean sonnet should be written in an iambic pentameter (14 lines of five feet each —that is to say— 10 syllables per line); see my sonnet above. The text should be set up in block form. The turning point occurs at line 6 or 7—usually at 7, but I muddled it a bit to stick to the theme. The Coda (tail) should be indented (5 spaces or use tab key).

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Structured: Western
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Funny that Willy should hear Teddy' s call for help, but here he is, lol
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Not Explicit Content


how wonderful, i have learn't in a few short years that there are many ways to write a sonnet, you have given a great lesson to those like myself who find it a big challenge, i hope more people can take a lesson from this very creative work you have so genrously given to all at neopoet. of course Sonnet 18. shall i compare thee to a summers day?, is of course one of my most favourite sonnets. thank you for this lesson and this sonnet.

Thank you...Teddy

jerry a man of all seasons and a varied repertoire. I may use this lesson in the near future. Right now, there is something amusing knocking at the door to my inner-self. Just having trouble with the locks. ~ Geez.

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go for it; the world is awaiting a new genius's unlocking of his prison's door (damn that lock!) Thanks, Geezer; and now this genius must ready himself for the gym to push some heavy weights (other than that of a130 lb muse).

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you are so welcome to my not-so impromptu sonnet, for it is an older work that's been shelved for years, just waiting for the occasion, such as provided by you. I have dabbled into the other 4 or 5 major sonnet forms as well, but the Shakespearean is my favorite one. Glad I could help, and I enjoyed reading your love note to Willy. Jealous-ly, lol,

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Dear Jerry, thanks for sharing your wonderful sonnet with us. It's perfect to my knowledge. Full of Shakesperean romance and humour.
No nits at all, enjoyed immensely, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

a nice poem and a good lesson too....sonnet is something I struggled a lot in spite of lot of mentoring and patience by late dear Judy...never managed it....

pleasure to read this one...

raj (sublime_ocean)

thank you for reading and liking my silly, dilly, Willy Sonnet; it's only one of thirty-five that I have written in an attempt to beat Willy Chromedome's (high forehead) record of some 154 sonnets. So nice to see you, dear Grace. Much delighted, Jerry

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