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A Cat’s Whiskers
arabesques of light
spouted through perforations
quiver quietly

A Spider’s Meditation

skeins of silken thread
Euclidean arabesque
a perfect crochet

From my window
I watch dusk thicken, ink
on blotting paper

Covered by ripples
The lake holds many secrets
In its quiet depth

when you awaken
to consciousness, you are a
flower in full bloom

silhouettes of life
inked against the horizon
a balmy stillness
Pilgrim Ants
reverential ants
Greet the ones on their return
From a pilgrimage

Editing stage: 


this is a little more in depth then the old school books..
but as it should...
your works have been smart marvels
in their careful word ways

languages we hear in instruction
soothed to us..guiding us..
we have cadence to that.
and if we hear other
we forge war words

i like the nod to the war..the nod to the hardy spider
as he or she spins their webs
more a notation on structure which is
for without a trap how is one to catch a meal
and survive

spinning no webs no effort
just mauling the land
and the ants.

great..parables..the ant
and the grasshopper
thank you Dalton!

Insightful. It is a pleasure to be read by discerning readers,


Leonard Daranjo

"When the waiting stops, the living begins"

author comment

so sorry for mistaking your work for another....
my greatest pang
i can probably write in this style..
freestyle is hard..
it either works or doesnt work
is readable or not readable..
its a drop off or a stone
in the river one wants to hop across

the style of beautiful..
i like the rime and order and words
to the technical aspects....i just go with
sound....i can plunk on a guitar and piano
the same....
and there are those that can compose
beautiful peices as this that work hard
and study other poems in the same venue

funny thing about the discovered is that i went
there to see how many of my unreadables
were there....maybe i have made my point
now...anyway the main thing was i found
others there to comment on...and it was and
is during a time when i could focus on what
is there......i like treasures
and these are...

thank you...

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