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The Tale of Paddy Mcgee

So, I don't mean to boast
but I have a ghost
and his name is Paddy McGee.
He comes here to me often,
when I should be sleeping,
I can hear him although I don't see.

So I asked him why
[Why for did you die?]
My heart is pounding
when he makes his reply.
... my wife, she is a nagger,
not much of a shagger,
I didn't know exactly what to do;
No peace when in the bath,
and how I'd hear her laugh ~
Not even any solace on the loo.

She spent all of my money
and thought that it was funny
so I did what had to be done.
I went off to the cupboard
and quietly got my gun,
now, alas, I find myself with you.

[Why, then, are you here?]
[Why, then, do you stay?]
His answer was replied...
I always prayed ~
for a good looking girl, or even two;
[But it's only me]
[Can't you clearly see?]
...No, no! he cried,
for then I died when I’d drank a few.

[Oh Paddy McGee
I'm so sorry for your trouble]
...that's alright now, I see double.
So let me in your nice warm bed
to you I promise never to wed.

So he's gone, my drunken ghost
by the name of Paddy McGee.
He bestowed on me an endearing letter
though he didn't leave my key.

"Your nagging was no better,
your shagging I'll give a three;
It's time to try out something new,
Then what will be will be".

So off he went, Paddy McGee,
away to seek his fortune.
But he didn't get so very far
and now you all will see.

The anguish of his stressful life
and the hoodoo of his wife
would never leave him be.
For Fanny was so lonely
She jumped into the sea;
The waves were very strong,
her poor old soul was gone ~
her spirit was set free.

As Paddy's head was throbbing
he turned around to see
his nagging wife stood sobbing
and scolding she would be.
Paddy McGee! You come here
I've something sour to say;
How dare you shoot yourself in the head
and leave me debts to pay?

Paddy's words cut like a knife
"Jesus Christ is that my wife?"
Well this is something new.
Paddy McGee went straight to hell
Now his wife was two

So that's my ghost of Paddy McGee
alas this tale is over.
But didn't you get a good old laugh?
I bet he wished that he was sober.

When he took his gun from off the shelf
he should have thought about his life;
Instead of shooting at himself
he should have shot his darling wife.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
so it has been ten years in the making, slowly slowly i have acheived a little, i must pay a great gratitude to Alan.S. Jeeves for giving his advice and editing this with me . it is long but i hope worth the read. of course a ghost for halloween, i just had to post today for all who celebrate to enjoy. love to all my dear friends at neo.
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Not Explicit Content


LoL maybe this is based loose on me? Ah, I'm glad you had a good laugh darling. I wish I had a ghost like him, he is a riot.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

His darling wife be shot
Though Paddy McGee be naught
But one more scary thought
On this eve when all the dead
Come to life just as you said


Please comment anywhere anytime.

lOl. So glad you have seen the funny side this evening, hey it's good to laugh. Take care and sleep well on this the night of bumps and drunken ghosts.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment
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