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forum of heat
of fire
of warmth

the shelter of rain tumbles
hissing away the voices
the landcapes in the dark
full of wind
the bending ideals
of a youth long distant
and in the dusk

you are a visage
in a book
a brush in the morning
and a look
a voice up the stairs

this emergence
forever leaving

like a longing balanced
on the precipice

heart hitched
and alive
and not afraid.................

Last few words: 
for the one I love....................
Editing stage: 

Comments we find that tender balance
like a whip crack....Like a glass shattered on our
delicate heads
and we bend to our machines evolving love
rushing like clots through the walls of pain

the rain falling glistening like blood in the dark
the snow hissing in the wind
like hair
like ghosts embraced in a dark shelter
trellis ivy
and moss licked stones
waiting for summer bones to warm


author comment

How beautiful it is to be unafraid to loose the heart; to let it off the leash and not worry that it will be broken or damaged! What a wonderful feeling to be so secure. This one reached me on several levels. Nice work, ~ Gee

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