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Sweet Little Sister

Tweetie birds tweet, in the bushes;
it's music to my ear;
sitting outside, the hospital patio,
they called for a mate, loud in my ear.

I'm tired, worn down, trying to work;
I pushed forward through the depression;
I do not know, how to think;
will she get better, or slip away.

Past disappointments, has me bitter;
I'm unwilling to communicate, all my feelings;
like daggers and missiles, my words spewed;
alone in mind and heart, I find it hard to cope;

Tho I followed the path of least resistance;
the evils of life appear in my view;
sowers reap and reapers sow;
success is mine in the vortex.

All the while, in my subconscious, tweetie birds
called and mated in the bushes;

Editing stage: 


I nearly stopped reading after the first stanza, might have if a lesser poet, I've done a reading-
with your permission I'll post it to our Facebook page.

Neopoet is a workshop. Poets take the time to read and think about your work and offer suggestions.
There is no obligation to make any changes however please acknowledge critique and comments.

You have my permission

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