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Swamp Hags for Candlewitch (Cat)

(an oldie, written in simple ballad form)
Swamp Hags

Above the swamp, lights wink and wave
“This way,” in eerie glow.
Beware! These false will-o'-the-wisps
Mean Death; he waits below.

I curb my horse . . . . Whoa, stop ol’ nag!
Oh, soon enough . . . too soon,
The swamp hags’ lair will come in view--
I wish for a full moon.

I check my flashlight’s dimming light;
It merely casts a glint.
There is the morass I must cross,
My mare breaks into sprint.

Her nostrils flare, she snorts and neighs,
Then rears and bolts in fear--
I take a fall, and then I know--
Those swamp hags are quite near.

Nell rears and bolts into the night,
And I lie on the ground;
The furies come in boiling mist--
With piercing, cackling sound.

In frenzied lust the swamp hags whirl
Around me, screeching till
My frightened heart and senses fail
And I yield to their will.

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what a magnificent tale of perfect terror!!! I love how the intensity built up from line to line! I was spellbound throughout the whole read!!! thank you for this!!!

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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Thank you for liking Swamp Hags. I meant to write a somewhat more joyful
witches tale involving a lad who fell in love with her due to an elexier of love, but . . .well, next time. Thanks, Cat.

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author comment

Wow something dark and swamp hag which brings many images of such a gastly women reaching out from the darkness and swamp some what hypnotic. A great read. I am a number one fan of candlewitch, sharing the stage with such talent is my honour

Thank you...Teddy

yes, Cat is a pretty nice lady to know. I forgot on which forum we first met, but I felt that we had something in common--and here we are again. Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. Jerry

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author comment

I can't wait until Halloween! One of my favorite holidays and I can't wait to see what you come up with. ~ Geez.

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just on the way out to see my therapist (she is mad about me--or something I haven't said or done to her), but let her wait. Yeah, I like Halloween better than
Christmas, too; it gives me more space to spread my wings. I'll soar like an eagle. Thank you for commenting. Jerry

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named pelosi, cortez and harris? lol. A nice little halloween type poem

A fine trio of American Womanhood. Lets hope--not political hoods. Your comment is appreciated. Jerry

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