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suspected diesel thief dies calibration electric fence

black gold onus alumnus haze cloud
the covetous heart mop red saccharin
germing briny briquette shroud
i was her her where rivers swim, in lizards
dewclaw frigid gathers fluid clod
silhouettes log home walked solitary
correspondents abjure rayfields faux pas
courtyard and sunset exasperation
fox pass aboys bewilderment hyssop tranche
of dead dreams.........
passerbys evanescent tribute pharmabotanovet
my phone is your grandmother
and the concubine entrailed blight rustle
wreath intake on nostrils flout interment
sorrow was always a repercaution eclampsia
inning innard halibut halyard greenhouse
not dieing earwig is some form of beauty
and way killed acorns oatgall haulm
perchance perk pluck paddock
that swallowed fish coin plaintive
elderly of the children impish phoenix
bare brockeness lonely hibiscus
for the nightwatches , do they rarely sleep?
its palms striped carnivorous plant
to play flute the waves bent
sunflowers hurl medal expeditiously
lonely banks furl at midnight;
underground the rains have done a false promise
creak rose eats charm till it bleeds
in soothing the sunshines frolic flower
progeny strikes prosody scabbard scallow
haka hake forfeiture perennial dearth death
dirt contentious displace wounded the bird
in trays brockerage, for the penetration of spasms
in the oasis basins moons veil
at nightfalls countenance , death onshore
has not a surrugate child, and mirrow poured
came to mate on the heir silver still sands paisley
haelip whom as our mothers in town
talisman spites bring calabashes empty
the umpteenth time respite of cowardly
taps dry altostratus thus accretion
of dead dreams..... in desecration stratocumlus roots
spade is to dug out, that now travel both flaw impede
rich no longer in arms reach
white fur keep flamingoes the concubine
yet the flowers were not inbuilt to be taken
weded daggers herds blood mixes
it was her bosom, the upthrust corals
with the waterblood newlywed
indigo splendor of forth came viola
pure red meat feast tramp ant foraging
sensory splendor retail velour
to blood from the basket our mothers sweat
my widow and the boy, where are they?
her prom brow in market ans slumber
surely six shoe sizes seize stease
steals her goods zealotry run high.

bigoted dyslexia maladministration
spooky gusto in aureleo phobic
down and downes hale gateway
to the tail retraction of light
gives the fair lily the blooms all day
dreary of a cold calls effigy
jettison like jets in pastors B.Q
warmth and brood hoods eerie
protectorates in subverted 10%
projects the sure red breast robin
rapidly promoting tourism brochures
belly tardy in the whimsical no twilght
the valley between fecund commoners
o! do the worms shine at all
futility fertility prints press under seige
blister sinister the co-splinter
of know break and into water electrons
sprint cataracts her eye shed log-tree
shock still spume sourlift butterflies
stint stigma earth mother spin copius
poor puur cats and jaquas hireling
polar in politeness beret terminus
the flay wool outstretched sunset aerobic
citrus trees stay such robin glaze
plant in bootles meant it was not around its home
applying dust resurfaces sari satin
tripod soup on the green bay tree
this drops a giant problem, and hits the beach
flagons though lattice without mire
and flints other wildglinted blue green harbour
shew loathesome clouds of dust
choppy waves heavily on his staff sails
swifter shuttles wither, and a weaves
flowering bushes great smile crossed face
loom blue daisy around the green blend
a small flask to climb up the hill drifts
into defecates stub butterlillies
trumpet lit and glow the sun-burn faded
buttercup make it aloesuave fragrance
for the botom of the stairs , showers, pyjamas
drizzles in the june comet-clear carnation
dusk scratchy overfed and amplified
hooping zinctop yards in the din
of an extrinsically motivated dusted sun
ready brig brier bier briar brocholli
brocade prowl night Aug. atomic
auger atrium bomb augury in church
there is a miracle sector lintel
for the children whose clouds have buck
electrocution for the sudden impossible
and the cinder rare l,er
cash machines and the P.O.S loathe tithe
o how you have lost your fine face!
somehow now they would open his inside
what feast! forecast knell intercode climate change
the leg covers know this spirited gilliard
ones in the poster o know
the waistline and the grooves
watchman logtree passes to leaf altotop
storm sneezes great adulation scuff
tribulation dance makes it incessant
todays market was last seasons farm
moles tailsteads end collages
a glance, upon another glance, upon another glance
impersonification caper flung a cane
to play the oasis , run the mouse!
foliage bud to yew stump
pregnant with hail clouds appertain wind
brawn wrangler read red pretence
furnance flames engulp disguise
jubilated possessions acquired death
the flute fricatives sickler than a river
streamside fingers fiercely fruit
sheep streets wide a red cloak
on azimuth stroked of brainwashed places
melodious and now startled sunset
love surrounded and laced homeward
a music for the night serened
cool blues like lightest key
instruments of strand grief and insects
a birds flight harmony faster
slouched fragile heart composer night
as the pendants of stars glitter
fiddled, tossed , winds upon pale sail garb
be your flute to you, your gold
reproches hearth like yeast of blindness
vehicle bellitle remended half orphan manioc
in easiness grit pebble course,
a parish lad for deaf misicians nightfall
grassy green pitch fork in uranium bucket
loud mild clatter in hectic garner objurate
gamer galliard scorge and scotch
scrooge loose screws croup daunt
the spoons mechanized ominivore livorno peel et.
pellet specked gothic sanitizaion bloods elation
sultry forgone desperate in vain,behold the floods!
dried hard tears and blood
resettles overshadowed piercing hard
they live in the clouds now though the grass
graudual piles that steers hawthorne to stir
that each night streatched casual elastic
multiplied of that glory without contemplation compromise
full grown plan from grassroot towered the brain
to find what stars cast hid brim
and garnerer blooded cold conscience
queen Sheba! o her ferrum grace
and coals are pillars sigur wart
it had claws that eagles talons
approaches rear bronze resides compassion
faceless glided stealth sheath impeached
from peach descendants sliver shiver autumnal
scretching in pangs, but they dread not ovation
for fear of the beast, tilt hit on deck a bang!
strife laying with a big sore splendor spleen stabed
sojourned to one conclusion of scorpions blood
gute abdomen from skin to sharks
oceans of blood on a fern mere
a swarm of bees slit the eyes
staggered rush swayed renounce rampage
and swore to him, they kissed his fingers
sailed slain sorserers, dressed as peasants in sack
curls drank wine , they laughed
unexpected and unnoticed in entorage
by a soothesayer , his charm and magicstick
breed and crewmembers cranberries
crystalshadow loved a rose- seaman candles
light croon valour for bread coils
slither rustics, flying as a hawk sensed
this was a dreded day, its lid were like a python
deck rage behold the sight!

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About me:
i am a poet with an accumulation to say more in less so you might mistake me for bogus

Whilst acknowledging a nod to James Joyce and William Burroughs this does feel a bit bogus. It is very difficult to engage a reader with stream-of-consciousness writing. A bit more care with spelling and a subtle interweaving of slightly more coherent narrative might help.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Ive never read him...Only Omeka..but if you compare
then I dare say that he must be close!
robots cannot write like this...If they can
then let them write also..

hard for many too unhinge from the
improv is difficult...
most people who play music do so
with the sheet in front of them
the rare are those who compose
from the flight of fingers
like the bear smells honey
with his nose
the sweet rapture of
the flight
of the Humble See
words emerge
tumbling in minds
eye show

thank U!
thank U both!

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