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Surely Slutley

I wouldn't mind being a Drag Queen for a day
I just love the big hair and eyes
The shoes that are so uncomfortable
Sure, I'd rather have sharks hanging from my toes
Ripping them off than platforms?

no, I love platforms

walking down the runway
To my very own comedy slot
Would be such a sight for sore eyes
and may i say comedy for all

I want to wear a glamorous dress
With a bustier made with diamonds
yes the real kind
That shapes me into my own curves
Feeling proud of what I have
Instead of wishing to have less
after all, i'm a hot Diva

Eye lashes, oh yes
The ones that make me look like
If it snowed on them
The Olympics, would have a slope
Fit for the winning ski jumper, except for when I blink
Then, they'd fall off

All I really want is the
Charisma, Charm and Personality
That comes with being the greatest Drag Queen
They are really special people, entertainers

Entertaining a world and society
That is hard to convince

But oh no, not I
I'm already convinced
Being a Drag Queen
Must be the best job in the world?

After all

A person who truly accepts who they are
Deep within and shows the world
Every angle of their beauty
Cannot find it a chore, surely?

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
A Dedication to a muse of mine, Surely Slutley, totally loved by me. What? Yesterday I got hit by a Flying Saucer!
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Not Explicit Content


totally honest opinion here! That being comfortable with yourself, is much more preferable to being what the rest of the world would like. This is a fun read! Only criticism is you need a [d] on the end of convinced. Flying saucers, indeed! LoL ~ Geez.

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(d) lol oh yes I forgot it. You are forever my hero. Thanks buddy, my head still hurts those saucers are heavy!

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Hi, Teddy
Every word of this makes me smile and warms my heart. We're getting the place where we can feel comfortable in our own skin. If I had to pick a favorite stanza, it would be those Olympic-size eyelashes covered in snow. What a clever, great visual!
Thank you!

Ah, warming your heart warms my own. Hey that was the stanza I wasn't sure I got my point across so thank you, now I'm sure. I wouldn't mind spending a day like this though, I suspect I would laugh a lot and have a fabulous time.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I thought a drag queen was a man dressed like a woman. Thus wouldn't a woman have to dress like a man and become a drag king?

Noooo women can also dress in women's drag, it's just art, really you have to be extremely clever to pull it off it takes skill. I've seen Vanessa Williams do it and she looked fabulous.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Woops I'm repeating myself again!

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

i was seeing the movie "The Birdcage" while reading this

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I shall take it as a compliment and look up this film, anyhow I most certainly can dress as a Drag Queen even if I'm a women, it's a talent in its self so to see actual men doing this to me blows me away.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment
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