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Sundae Lunch with a Twist

All you need to do is
Put the flour in the bowl
Adding the eggs and milk
Don’t forget a pinch of salt
Throw some behind you for good luck

Here comes the fun part
Whisk it up so it looks a bit like
A funny color custard

Take that sizzling sunflower oil tray
Out of the piping hot oven
Use oven gloves please

Quickly, put this heavenly mixture
Into the muffin molds “Quick Quick”
No time to spare, heat is everything here

Fill them, three thirds of the way
Yes, yes they’re sizzling now right?

Then my friend, put them back into the oven and wait
Until they have popped out of the mold
Now looking crispy and delightful
Browned to perfection sizzling their own song?

Now all you have to do
Is add them to the platter of Roast Beef
I told you to cook earlier

Oh dear, I may have forgotten?
Never mind…

Yorkshire puddings can also be eaten
With all flavors of ice-cream.

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Oh, my goodness, dear Signora T. Your poem, along with the recipe for Yorkshire pudding is out of this world; my wife will have to try to make the pudding according to your recipe. Thank you; and your poem is-- grandioso.
Yours, Jerry

>Please visit my website:

Oh so glad someone found it! lol

Ice cream sundae must be so much more delicious with a Yorkshire pudding or two? Hey thanks so much for finding my second recipe of my Teddy recipe book!

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Hi Teddy, you bring back memories of when my mother made Yorkshire pudding. We kids loved it with the roast beef and veggies. I've never tried them with ice cream sundaes, but well...hmm.
I missed your other recipe poem, will look it up. Maybe you'll convince me to get back to cooking something other than basic stuff...Although I remember roast and Yorkshire was considered basic way back.
I'm vegetarian, so I'm glad you forgot the roast
Enjoyed, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

How very kind of you to visit my comedy cook book, so of course Yorkshire puddings are most wonderful but I wouldn't recommend eating them with ice cream really. Try with honey glazed carrots though, and roast potatoes sprinkling some flour on them before they go in the oven, they will come out so delicious and crispy like the Yorkshire's. Dear Gracy, I cooked a lot in lockdown, I made a mega giant Yorkshire pudding too. It was quite a picture and delicious to eat. Thank you for coming by to have fun on my silly skit. have a lovely day.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

My chef and bottle washer, Lynda, is quite willing to put your recipe to the test, but she is uncertain whether she should throw the pinch of salt over her left or the right shoulder--or does it matter? Lets do it right, eh? lol. Il Signor Jerry

>Please visit my website:

lol, so I believe that as long as you don't throw it and hit the cat or linda's eye it doesn't matter which side. Be careful I don't want a law suit! I save all my pennies for flour eggs and milk (hugs)

Thank you...Teddy

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