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Summer's Coming

By the changing weather

And it doesn't matter if I'm ready

Or if Betty my love is still far away

Or that my fishing pole isn't repaired

Nor that my glove is worn and tattered

Summer's coming...

In the fields growing green

Along banks on the streams

Where the grass grows then someone mows

For the animals which teems

Upon the mighty revolving ball

Enjoying the sunshine most of all

Summer's coming...

When the feeling in school

Is often in the mood of not learning

But the yearning to get out with one so true

Running free in nature like the breeze

Caught up in wonders of love's fancy

Summer's coming...

Along shores of the sea

In the wooded forestry

Fullest of life seldom there's strife

A time to reflect on life's being

The mystery of living then dying

Summer's coming

In the sounds of the air

The sweet smell that is there

The pretty sights touch of delights

And every path is so fair

In the valleys beneath the mountains

In the cities around the fountains.

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I love this!
Normally I'm more of a winter fan
But your poem put a spring in my step
To look forward to long summers
Days on river banks
With one to love
listening to clouds floating above

and a very good day to you :) your poem brought back marvelous memories of past summer days. (I'm an Autumn person, now, but I remember the lovely greenery and the warm beaches!) a good poem, to be sure!

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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