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Summer Eve Musk

In the darkened eye of our suspended night
Your aura is moving into mine
Begin the rite...pull me close
Ancient steps in a newfound yearning
You are my dream of a dream unguarded
I will bend to your unwritten song
Love me as we move together
Clothed in kisses that shiver with truth
Forfeit your guards and fortresses
Swallow the candle and draw down the moon
Lay me down on the summer eve musk
Fall with me fall into me fall
Time moving slower than honey
Weave yourself into my pale arabesque
Thread your breath into my body
Paint me with your infinite secrets and wine

We will dare to invent our own visions
Laugh as we tumble into the stream
We meet each other inside our drowning
Fusing desire to each rhythmic echo
Fingertips soft and wet kisses deep
Holding nerve edges flittering gold
Abandoning thought to our tongue of sighs
Describing the push/pull of our melody
Burn your fears and pull me close
Fall with me fall for me fall
Love all your sublime imperfections
Pull me down to the underground floor
My alabaster will open, exquisitely bruised
Crushed by the force of your heady slick scents
Synchronise the last moments of now
Etch your name deep in my bones

His fingers opened the soft, ripe fruit
Spilled the juices, revealing the glistening flesh
Once the red seeds passed her lips
Persephone was fated to stay

And she smiled...

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OMG that scintillates in language and sensuality A brave beautiful writing of Venus unveiled An erotic surrealist witch swirl from a womans heart Your body a storm voluptuous, an erotic lucidity ...Yehaaa your poem sweetens the earth!!!!!!

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