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Wind's so cold it freezes breath
as it condenses on my old coat.
This front announces autumn's death
with days of warmth seeming remote.

Same wind is making snow flakes dance
as they whirl their way down to the ground.
One hits my eye, I look askance
tears blurring everything around.

Gloved hand wipes the tears away
and I adjust my wide brimmed hat
while I slowly, carefully make my way
pretending I'm a fox or a bobcat.

At the bottom of the hill I pause.
and listen to murmuring creek
which somehow gives me a cause
to slowly advance to its brink.

And at its edge i stop again.
In this valley wind is hardly blowing.
I hear snowflakes as they descend
and a distant rooster loudly crowing.

All wild things must be hunkered down
waiting out the snow and cold.
Trees shiver in their lofty crown
increasing felt chill many fold.

And as daylight begins to fail
ice skims where the creek is still.
A near coyote begins to call.
The cold at last conquers my will.

So I turn and head for home
amid white flakes which seem to grow
as jack frost rises in the loam
and crunches underneath the snow.

I sigh as sweat drips off my nose
turning tired eyes red with salt
leaving not one dry spot on my clothes.
Cold memories within my vault
make me wish for times I nearly froze.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I missed my JULY one too
you can't have just a single judge

three ought to be minimum
for future

This kid however deserves it
I had mentioned to him

Not many read mine
wonder if the judge did

did you

Contests are hard enough to run and determine the winner without having multiple judges. But it's never the same person so take heart and keep entering.......stan

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