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the snow writhes
the black square totality blocks
blighted in its gusts
across from us
the hall..the rooms of
dark and the little blue
world of the television
for the dying
the healing
the wounded

the IV pole like
a little scarecrow
the tubes to nourish
away that which
haunts you
snakes beneath
the pale pastel
the low lighting
the others coughing
the footsteps in the

curled in her chair
feet up eyes on
our meals in the
trash with the needle
swabs and old discard
pain meds.....plastic
from the crimped IV
line..the nurses swift
in movements..the tape
adhered to the little
wrist.....a healing fang
shiny in the light
your television eyeing
you up on its boom
tethered to the wall

and i watch the drips
and count the days
knowing you hate this
place..its smells
its confinement
the angry ones you
go up against with
your will

submerged now in rest
the house like vacant
dream without you
was you...everything
is you...

our bus leaves soon
its so cold this winter
i feel helpless
the machine beeps low
another saline round
your daughter stretches
and its time we go

i miss your wry humor
your hard ass words
kicking my ass

kiss you goodbye
for the moment
and we navigate
through all the modern
quiet corridors of
the tall glass beamed
beauty of esoteric
and function
nodding at people
leaving or arriving
for night shift

your child and i chat
waiting when they
release you

to come home

the town lights
flicker like a mirage
in the distance

thats all there is....

Editing stage: 


permeates this whole work. Your heart, makes mine ache for the poor soul in that bed. There are a couple of different things that I would have done to ease the flow. I would somehow identify; " the black square " and did you mean [ totally ] not totality? I think that the judicious use of a little punctuation might things make things a bit clearer.
It doesn't really matter if the patient is coming home alive or dead, at this point because I know that there is nothing left to be done for them. One way or another they are already gone. You told me that with the last words of the poem. " the town lights flicker in the distance like a mirage, sometimes that's all there is." Your friend always, ~ Gee

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or all the time
to compose poetry
as long as the Nile
maybe Mississippi
the Thames
Brahmaputra and
maybe Ganges
don't forget
THE AMAZON please!

, torrential

punctuation is everything....probably why i dont use it much..
i dont believe in everything....

happened somewhere along the way...
was meant to happen...

patient lives!!!

the totality is what i was aiming for
but at the time it was a "totally"
feel about the asthetics about that place
it is a beautiful structure
large and moving
filled with artwork and now
stripped down to its essential staff
and doctors up here
a most amazing event..
but not for all..

i still hate hospitals
and avoided my mother
and fathers deaths

like punctuation
tact and

thank you..

we have have the lividity
of rains the past few weeks..
the creeks are a rush
of living water..
and distance
of quotes

all of it
long under the bridge

thank you

author comment

Loved this one in its stark truth, I have been there and free "T" shirts were made.
Hoping against hope that the tubes would drop out and allow them to come home.
Take care young Wolf it is time to wait, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

at seeing your plight
what a price

but then is epicurial poetry the cause
for the daily applause
you two earn
as much as I do their curse

what is worse is not my verse
but the manner in which some converse

oh this verse
will prove to be


mark my chastity
has not read me
oh Ian
what a pity!

says Loved Lovedly!

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