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Sputnik whizzing by

If you cock an ear on a moonlit night-
point it to the sky,
you just may hear the crunch of gear
of sputnik whizzing by,

It was built by them there Russians
errrrrrrm,,,, 'bout 1957,
outta garbage cans n rusty vans
then launched quite close to heaven,

think it's due fer re-entry soon-
but I guess I'll be in bed.
so I'll pray real hard that she's off her guard
and it lands on the ex wife's head


Editing stage: 


pretty witty humor..letting your imagination go wild in space....

raj (sublime_ocean)

obviously very self contained. Well done! Hard to make people laugh!

I would consider changing this line, a bit distracting because I'm not sure what it means

so I'll pray real hard that she's "off her guard"

Of endless possibilities: I'll pray real deep that she's on the street... And I always pray that in the middle of the day ...(etc etc) that it lands on the ex wife's head.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings



Got to agree with Empy though, that line kinda, almost makes sense, but not quite. ~ Geezer.

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Unaware so don't see it coming but I'm not sure all would think like that.. Hmm...

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