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a spiral is a nice shape
round and round
up and down
three dimensional too

circles, they're ok
lines are cool
but, spirals-------------
-----(here, speechless)---

and playful
in graceful formulas,
and wonder

spirals wind,
and rewind
and remind me
of the universe
and my connection
with the ALL
and this,
by definition,

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Reminds me of a well loved slinky or shock absorber springs, perhaps even spiral noodles! Playful and full of life. A very fun poem to read and explore. Far too many serious poems out. Thanks for sharing AL!

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

yes, sometimes I do weary of so many serious, and downright depressing poems. They are beautifully written at times, and quite humanly relevent, but is good too! variety being the spice of life....yes?

thanks again


author comment

Of course, YES! And more they may flourish :-))

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

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