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The world is spinning out of control
and all that I knew yesterday is gone.
I've been away so long from
my days of hopes and dreams.
My body has betrayed my soul.
and I see with eyes sharp and clear
what lies before me
and my heart sinks in the knowing

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A good write there young one, the days must be hard for you, but it is for us to endure these tests of our Spirit, Go well you will win in the end as your beliefs are true, Yours Ian

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti



author comment

that alone makes your boat steer
the life of a river
you call soul

But I fear
as the river goes
towards the estuary
it lingers within me

when will the waters flow
I also go
but yet life is too slow
the turns and twists of the river
tell me so

Friend stay some more
who will then know
from where to where
your river did flow
so still I say
go slow

All you say is true. I fight the odds every minute of every day I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.


author comment

and the little Tall machine stovetop
I was told there is a better qaulity
product but I like this..
like some people like cheap cigars!

Davisevill Toronto was where a chum
and his chums had a house..
a hot little new community..
In the bags by the dustbin we found
an almost full pack of Cohibas..
the little ones...Gold and White
we had our Expresso's at Second Cup..
while the afternoon sun threw its golden
rays up over Rosdales little escarpment

I didnt have the little shoppes as New York
had...We had little towns with old eighteen
hundred stores in brick..big sheet glass
windows with the old twenties signs
in spaces and modern plastics..
The old workmen and women in
their shopkeep outfits..
the Waitresses in their pink
and salmon dresses..
The juke boxes on the tables
still for a quarter...

The big boats of the seventies
and fifties still prowling bout
on the streets I remember..

I like Cafe Amercano with
a touch of brown sugar
and Maria Callas
the vinyl seats
tile floors smelling
of Pine Sol
and the kitchen
..the streets with
their distinct odors
feel of chrome
and cutlery
the weight of the
sugar dispenser
..I loved those
water glasses with
the rounded tops
and ice...
strange details.

I have the coffee
machine..just too
poor at moment
to remember to buy
the packet in foil
of the good.No great

the patios if any..
the newstands

nothing wrong with
I havent been to the
city that has culture
in years...
Ours has it ...
but its more like
a burrough

Been to Jamaice
and i still love
coconut water!
still remember the
color of the surf
and how clouds
look on a horizon
miles away!!

A great Poem Joe
we start our voyage
and we continue

Thank You!

I've done it all, Steven, but it has gone too quickly and has ended, Everything I want to do know is now in my head only.


author comment

Once a person reaches about 5 decades the universe starts conspiring on ways to get rid of him/her and make way for the next generation. For some the results of this conspiracy become evident sooner than for others. No real reason why some are hit sooner than others . Many an ass lives to a ripe old age and many who will be sorely missed are gone far too soon. BTW this is a very good poem which comes as no surprise considering the author. Keep fighting the good fight......stan

I wonder whether you did read a poetry
I composed on your version
Will have to research

But it said
some come and go
even when life has not
even begun
some don't go
even if you kick them so
I am such a one
by now hope
all of you know

To slide gently into ""that sweet night"" is the hpe for all of us.

thanks, my friend

author comment

The worst is to do it all alone.


author comment

so far of any companion
i haven't known
nor can u disown
so shall but perforce
go it alone!

a good write. my theory is, in the end we are all fighting and that's what really counts.the don't ive up attitude which defines us.


Yes. The will to survive,


author comment
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