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Someone said Something

Someone whispered something in my ears,
I felt it very close to me,
looked around to see its source,
found nothing but the sweetness of those words.

Someone said something in my dream,
Those beautiful eyes were looking at me.
That sweet voice had said something,
When I asked it said nothing.

And then someone did something,
Something I never ever expected,
A downpour of water on my face,
and those sweet words repeated,
"Good Morning To You Son".

Editing stage: 


I have written this poem, keeping my mother in mind. Do let me know how you like it.

author comment

its raining here
and always wake thinking about mother..
dreaming of her anyway..
didnt always get along but shes there guiding me now
and I understand her better now that Im older
now...I see why she was the way she was..
gives me options on how I can chose to alter how
I am too...

Thank You!!

made me smile!

ahh lovely cute poem much enjoyed

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