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Snow Blind

Snow Blind

In our sorrowful journey through the vast unknown
We get caught up in a bit of snow
Shattered glass out on the pavement torn
An illumination of one's mind fixation
We gravitate to a source of light in the night
We are now covered in knee deep of snow
My eyes are filled with redness am I going blind
The perpetual sound of birds flying all around
The skin that I have is frozen to the bone
Like a cold clap in the dark you lit the spark
The vast perpetual covering of drifts on our journey
We have come this far not to turn back now
With faint regard to the misery left imposed to the elements
All of us need to keep warm in our homes no sense in coming this route
Yet in the distance I see a glimmering light that etched my sight
Broken hearted wilderness traveler left to his destination
Through the frigis air I will climb to reach the light
Shades of blackened death haunt me as I get torn in desolation
I crave the warmth of the fire place yet I'm forced to move on
Just in the moment I was going to give up my destination was near
For this excursion I will spread cheer to all those I come in contact with
Now I can see crystal clear the path I tread is now over

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Franklin with his iron hulled ship
Mother nature yawned and stretched
collapsing it!

Commander Scott a mere eleven miles
from his depot cache wrote a fond

the mountianeer on Everest stepped
outside without his crampons..and slid
slipped fell over the great edge
They took bets on which country his
body fell...Nepal...India..Tibet!!

when U fly high my friend
it is a quest..
I used to live off medication
not recommended to those
that need it

not with brilliance
and madness

but there is a bittersweet
beauty to it..
somehow we climb things
arrive at thoughts and
like mountian goats
get many from the pits
of despair to greater
vision and air
so they may thrive
to the meadows of
better comforts!

thank U Chevyvent!

Mr Wolf!

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