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Every day among the unkempt humanity
On foot, in cars, on bicycles,
Sidewalks, escalators, the register line,
A path in the wooded alleys of the park-
Total strangers make a momentary connection
With no regard of what or who they are-
A form of electricity between the eyes
Evokes an involuntary sudden smile.

Sometimes half a smirk, lips closed,
Acknowledging the weary voyage of living,
Sometimes the small act of simple hello,
A recognition of the present-
“Nice to meet you on this earth.
Peace to follow your days.”

But smile at a child
You’ll get a mouth to open wide
With baby teeth half in or out,
And occasionally, and wonderfully,
They stick out their tongue.

Last few words: 
on the light side
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I know this forum is supposed to be about constructive critique, but I just don't have any criticism. You had me at the first line...unkempt humanity. I cant say more.

A poem nicely created from a simple event...i especially liked the last stanza...


raj (sublime_ocean)

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