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I've watched as years crept up on you
the mirror became your enemy
and you've avoided its clear view
because of what you've come to see.

You focus on the graying hair,
those wrinkles (actually laugh lines)
and a few pounds gathered here and there
as well as other aging signs.

All of this is superficial
just a part of nature's plan
and to me inconsequential.
I'm not that shallow of a man.

For I still see that girl inside
and when I do my heart still sings
for you'll always remain my child bride
just like the day we exchanged rings.

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Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Stan if u please

A mirror simply reflects ...
the surface
depth is measured by ones eye
don't feel shy
we all are worthy creatures of nature ...
we only mirror
what ?

feel the essence of the individual ....
are silent observers .
is what one can only spell


Ah, but mirrors have a hard time reflecting what's on the inside lol. Thanks for dropping by........stan

author comment

This is a good one about love, life and emotion.Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for the read and kind comment...........stan

author comment

many mate young and remain
thick through trouble and tempest
calm and lucid tranquilities

smile lines..i like that
those cant be faked
like an inner beauty

when my lori and i communicate
its like that rare sunshine
leaning against each other
before the business of the day
draws us into duties

we held hands up elbows
on table at a fam dinner
and an older couple smiled
as gritty as we
band of rebels

the lion in winter was a favourite
movie long ago

this poem is very touching
and real

thank you

Thank you. It's a hard thing to do, writing a love poem and trying to avoid cliche'.I'm pleased yo decided to come by and check this out...........stan

author comment

That you mean every word, to me means, that you can use any words you wish too.
The feelings portrayed cannot be other than those you have held forever.
Lovely to read, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

And lovely of you to take time to read and comment..........stan

author comment

Love is erratic. It transgresses the linear morphology of time. When we love, we love always; past, present and future. Love is the most prized and fanciful of adornments.

A sweet and reassuring write :)


Yes a true love is worth more than we can ever repay. I am pleased you like this scribble...........stan

author comment

We travel through time in this skin vessel, as it slowly decays. Some of us let vanity on to our ship causing unnecessary worry. Love is the one thing that has a blind eye to decay. for love only save the original memory of what was your first attraction, (the visual) You my friend have capture what I feel and see of my own love, for in my eyes I still see the 17yr. old I fell in love with and still do.

well done, Bravo!

Eddie C.


I am pleased I was able to convey what you feel so well. I read about and see these mid-life guys dumping their wives in order to take a "trophy" wife and it makes me sick. And they actually believe these kids want them for something other than their money lol. I appreciate the visit..........stan

author comment

i mean, one will think they would know better.


everyone knows depreciation in a sometimes the money
crowd one has to have the upgraded for political climb..
ambition...shakespeare was keen on all of that in his day..

age is our culprit....i was not good looking...i did not belong to many crowds..
mentally im bright and sharp and lots of intuition...but didnt have the pass to enter
the club of this and that...

and not bright enough past what a lot of the beautiful and bright that i hang out
with sometimes or they allow me to stand with them for moments..

i knew trophy people..i knew money people..

love....i stay with my old lady because when i had nothing she was there..
i didnt run far when we had our issues....i aged....few songs sing about staying
together...i think hurt johnny cash spoke of all the pain loss etc..and reznor
and june carter standing in the vid looking down the stairs was classic....

but sometimes the old age and the new age works....i saw better pairings
with the known....

the new world order...lana del reys songs...cola
its just nice to see loyalty and respect as it should be
how the old way was to stick it out with your partner
not just dump them
for the flash and bling...

i had the options
im glad i stayed with my good partner

thank you for this poem

There Is great value in staying with somebody who accepts and loves you for what you are. And a lot of times those who drop the "old model" for a new one find out their trade off was not such a good idea after all. Thanks for dropping back by..........stan

author comment

and love is true, the relationship will be a strong one regardless of young or old. I won't deny that. If any of you managed to find that kind of love, I congratulate you. Still, we cannot deny that there are those who are willing to take advantage of others for their own gains...


I AM fortunate to have found the right one my first time around. (But don't tell Her that, she'll get all big-headed lol). ..........stan

author comment

If you get a chance and if you want to read my poem "The Spoken Gesture", Just something you wrote here made me think of it.

Eddie C,


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