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Sins of the Flesh (yet another humor contest poem)

I so love your skin's feel
beneath my old rough fingers
e'en after a caress I steal
the memory still lingers

As touch moves on to gentle cleft
I'm filled with anticipation
of patience I am now bereft
please fill my expectation

And as each little roundish nub
also begs for attention
calling out for a light rub
and a poem's lyric mention

Just the sight of your soft curves
fills me with such delight
and never ever fails to serve
to enrich my appetite

The taste of you upon my lips
is beyond most others' reaches
and now my secret finally slips
I sure love eating peaches

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
First humor poem I ever wrote. If I could do this so long ago so can you so get off your duff and enter the May humor contest lol..........stan
Editing stage: 


Hi Scribbler,

I thought this poem was very cleverly done---I giggled out loud at the ending! It flows very well, and it makes me want to go get some peaches! : )


Firstly, how did you dig up this old thing? lol. Secondly I'm pleased you came by and even happier to supply a giggle..........stan

author comment

Haha...sensuously hilarious is how i would describe the experience of reading this poem Stan..if the peach was alive it would would make it squirm and fall out of your apart, as Laura has said it is cleverly written...surprisingly unlike your style the title is not in higher case...


raj (sublime_ocean)

When originally posted on the old site one of the ladies there accused me of knowing a woman names Peaches lol. As to the lower case thing, I decided to try it once just to see if I liked it.Glad you got a kick out of this poem............stan

author comment

oh yeah I got a kick out of knowing your peachy


raj (sublime_ocean)

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