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Sinalagmang Pensaminto (A Visayan Version of 'Random Thoughts')

Diri sa gamay na kahon,
Gina abli nako ang mga pensamintong lawom
Ga laag, ga laag,
Ga lihok.

Diri sa gamay na kahon,
Mas kusug ang tingog sa orasan
Tik tak, tik tak
Nag siyagit.

Kining kalaga ang maoy mu tag- an sa iyang kataposan
Muhigda siya lugar na walay pagpamulak,
Mabungol ang mga dalunggan; ug mga baba ma amang
Kamatayon ang Heneral na akong tagaan sa akong saludar nga tinud-anay.

Diri sa suok,
Nangluspad ang ngabil
Nagkatawa, Nagkatawa
Nag kurog
Diri sa suok,
Naka tulog ang lawas
Ga damgo, Gadamgo,

Kining adlawa , hinaot di nako mahinumduman
Kay ang kahilom nagpahinumdom nako sa kawalaan
Apan kining kawalaan ang kawsa sa kinadak-ang katalagman,
Wala nakoy mapili kundi ang pagsugat timgas na tulog

Tulog, tulog sa dagat nga yamo
Tuog, tulog, sa dagat nga yamo.

Last few words: 
I translated it to my own language (for the sake of an oral exam). Translating a poem is difficult. I tried my best to maintain the pattern of the poem by not destroying the grammar Maintaining its essence from one language to another is really difficult but YEY I did it :D
Editing stage: 


Translating poetry is truly difficult! I am learning German and I try to translate some of my poems for school, just like you have done with this poem. I always get stuck trying to decide between maintaining the form or maintaining the meaning. It is a balancing act, for sure.

I wish I could hear you read this poem, I would love to hear the repetitions and haunting feeling that you get from the English version in Visayan.

Critique, don't comment.
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I learned something from a poetry seminar that Translating is very difficult. But the speaker told us if you want to maintain the essence of the meaning, you can always retain the word, and put footnotes below ;)

oh I sound funny in Visayan hehe

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