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Silent Warrior.

Dry are the tears 
        that are never shed,
Rolling down in silence 
        along the golden thread.
They are the warriors
       whose stories are never told,
Born amidst the torments 
        with nothing to hold.
Fighting constantly to hold the mask 
        and never to reveal,
The battle to defeat the pain 
        and conquer Achilles' heel.
The cries of the heart are masked 
        by the eyes that run dry,
Smiling through the emptiness,
        letting only a bit of honesty to pass by.
Editing stage: 


I liked this theme a lot and thought it well executed. I'm afraid there's too many cliches in the 3rd verse and that waters down the point you wish to make. Also in the last line, try to find a shorter expression for "to pass by"... Maybe 'slip through' or escape... Which is more the idea I think you're trying to convey.
Good title!

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