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Silent Morning

Blue before dawn,
hush of the morn,
fading moon,
soft light born.

Stillness wraps
around holly
and pine,
gently flowing
through ivy
and vine.

Silence beckons
the Earth -
"Behold the
Heavenly Birth!"

Mankind braves on,
welcomes the dawn,
whispers of faith
in this quiet morn.

Kindness wraps
around stranger
and friend.
Hope will prosper,
despair will end.

Christmas Morning
has come!
Silent Morning
has come.


Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
As I get older, Christmas Morning is my respite. I hope for Peace and Wonderment for all here at Neopoet. Love of the Season to all. Lavender
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Not Explicit Content


a very nice composition of yours. Much liked. Is it the nearness of that creepy Covid 19 that is turning an old non-believer like me, into an--at least somewhat "reformed" non-believer? The fact is, Christmas is for children--and old folks, too. And so, like Ebenezer, I too, will hold Christmas dear each day of the year. . . hell, I'll even send ye a plump goose. A sweet poem you wrote there; and so I shall end my blubbering by wishing you a Merry Christmas, dear lady. Van, aka Jerry

How are you? Well, I hope! I think it is easy to become a Scrooge initially, and then much easier still to become reformed! Your poetry has always expressed how dear you hold each day!
Merry Christmas!

author comment

In my head, the poem was written to the soft melody of "Silent Night" - a Christmas song like no other. (Of course, what's in my head and what actually makes its way out are sometimes worlds apart.) I wish you tranquility this Christmas, and each day after!

author comment

error post! sorry

let not silence dampen the beauty of Xmas
the happiness of the Lords
Even Divali was celebrated magnificently
despite Covid 19

such calamities come and go
so let us not to silence bow
even though many like me
are ready to go

let's not silently go
the world ought to know
we were not silent poets
of NEO

Peace to you!

author comment
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