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Signs Of The Time

politicians in drag
Manson is finally dead
robots for men
more claims of sexual misconduct to explain
Beer pongs in college room dorms
Fetty Wap making a comeback
sign of the times
Fat little boy from North Korea
Trump in his ivory tower
why do we even bother
we didn't start the fire

mankind does what he wants in his own eyes
abortion on demand
suicide solution
we can both agree to disagree with each other
war zones called schools
Charley Rose loses his cool
no one cares anymore no one seems to have a voice
Dylan wins the prize
prayer for David Cassidy
some exist within humble brevity
where is this wall from a know all
healthcare meltdown scare

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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This stream of consciousness offering comes across like a strobe light in writing. The writer bombards us with a cascade of current issues, a new one arising before we can digest its predecessor. It's an interesting technique, one that may cause us to pay attention or get overwhelmed. Perhaps that is the writer's intent; maybe there are certain messages he wants us to be aware of more than others. With the accompanying picture, possibly "Manson is finally dead" is one of them. Maybe he wants us to start wondering what happened to Squeaky. Whatever, I enjoyed this unique effort.

Mario Vitale

author comment

''' looses ....'' may be you meant ...loses !!!!

from a ''no'' it all........did you mean ''KNOW- ALL?

*do clarify

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