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selfie me (MAY Contest REVISED LESS THAN 20 LINES Final)

They called me a machine gun poet
selfish only about me till I took a selfie
all laughed so loudly all Neo poets smiled

no right eye
right ear sheared off
mustache all shaved
many teeth still in lower jaw
none in the upper

then when I blew my nose
I heard some one say
'Have your selfie taken by me and see
how all Neopoets just all fall for thee'

That's their aim fulfill it
the competition has its own thrill
you will selflessly well may not win,
so what
a free selfie you've got permanently
(for keeps)

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
Editing stage: 


accused of being blind in one eye and not seeing out of the other! I'm blind in my left eye. I still have both of my ears though! Not that I can hear well. I still see good enough to see that you have written a good story of who you are. Nicely done. ~ Geezer.

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I just read stan's and thought to be the third one of a kind
you stan and I
I wrote CONTESTED that's why lol
when one/five sense reduces
others multiply
my mind's eye doesn't yet shy

Thnx GEE
there r some yet you need to read
izhe u one pl

author comment

so no chance of becoming a celebrity on NEO


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