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Oh Autumn

Every year you come
I nearly succumb
to you every now and then
as in September
seasons you
strip all nature
why do you

still autumn
all love you
as you is just a cushion
between summer's
winters cold breeze

as snows come
all freeze
you make me sneeze

come another day
will you please
but as you bring
clothing of fluffy clouds
let me too undress
then in your laps
let me finally rest

Autumn you are neither warm
nor too cold
you are the safest and best
all told
so about your breast
let all of us rest.....
Autumn undoubtedly
you are the best

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


In fall, we have to keep moving. That was what Snoopy told Woodstock. Otherwise, one can get buried under the autumn leaves. I have slept on the autumn leaves. Those were my days of adventure. Now, I am old and preferred indoors these days. Sort of sad. Still, now and then, I make a time to walk among the autumn leaves. A lovely poem that makes me feel happy.


some still are young
yet so very cold
some oldys are even bold
they still behold
say AH loud and clear
can you not hear

age is just a number
so I am told
but 100 is not too old
docs say so

many blue moons we all have seen
many more shall come
autumns coming
I am told
ere winter comes
how much are you
remain warm
catch no cold

author comment

this one seems as free as the breeze on a warm fall day. Wish that they were all like that. Don't know as I would stand around naked in mother nature's presence, [it gets a mite brisk here in the fall ], but I get the picture. ~ Gee

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warmth ensues
nature smiles also
glad you appreciate it
seasonally too

author comment
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