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The Scout

The night,
the road,
glare and rumble.
I'm deadheading
to the edge of west
where sunny busloads
of the buxom
and blonde,
reaching for stars,
giggle and stroll
the boulevards
of slow pungent fade
as last year's crop
do time
tending shops
and titty bars
and couch girls
moan for home,
and high school lovers

...easy pickings!

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


a slow pungent fade

buxom lush

man I knew these people
the regular crowd surfers
they were easy pickings
crawl across the floor...

that wyeth painting
with the house....
wyeth knew the power
of art...and his women awesome affair
but she was something
sure he stayed with his

I travelled coach class
often....hitch hiked
met the brown girls
slumming in the park
(Tanned poetic despots
of love...and how I loved
them...Skinny dipping
and swing riding late at
night..running from the
cops...A hoot!)

poor old hollywood
and vegas...always wanted too I just got xbox landscape
by genius geeks.
and Fallout Four..
though I love the soundtracks
for both these gamer games

glad too have caught the tail end
of the true bohemian living
before they amped it all up
and got all business

Thank U!

been absent for about four months from Neo
dried up. Not a natural writer like you seem to be.
I left before replying to several posts, so here I am...better late than never?

I am glad you got something from this poem...I, too, liked the bohemian hint/tint

thanks for the comment

I hope to get back to writing and posting more consistantly.



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