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Santa Claus Does Not Exist

here's a hero in our midst Santa Claus does not exist...
getting caught up in the mix we choose to resist the cosmic twist
My poetry stems from the ambiance of just letting go to things
that the soul would permeate its melodic hold in view of poetic fashion
yesterday we are forced to but heads on this path today we find ourselves in the middle
clever temperate motives spread together of an earthly junction swing
offer me a glass wedding wing these forces seem to come together
poetry that covers all ills I stand on the hard rock radio stage

treasure a rose that was plucked for one accordance
the lovely camera came quicky as into rehearse
God will guide the simple man with a plan
seek a higher power if not choose to take a hot shower
the industry, mass occupation & relief

Trump wants the wall
but we must seek first from a higher source
let go of the fence..,

David Lee Roth better not hit to sauce,
take so long to pop a pimple being caught in the middle
still climb a bit deeper
with yes supernatural without a paddle

California girls...,
forget about squeezing the Charmin
listen to the words to sing such an evil scheme..
hit a home run Reggie Jackson the ball hit center stage away part of the middle

the dull will hear the those who go away from the toss

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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