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San Francisco's Waiting

I always used to ask her;
But how could you know a City
You've never actually seen?

She always replied; " I just know"

She told me, she was in love
With the Golden Gate Bridge
A truly spectacular sight

She said;
It always had the possibility
To make dreams come true

Wow, even now I often sit and wonder
What she meant,
Slowly, I think I'm getting it

She saw its potential
It had created a pathway
People could connect
It's a Bridge of Hope, she would say

I always thought it was the Trams
Or some may call them
Cable Cars that she loved
Or the hills
Maybe even the bright lights of evening
But it was always the Bridge

Even though I myself
Have only ever seen it in books

One day I'd like to visit
If only to see it in person
The dream she always spoke about

Then, I could whisper up to the sky

" Darling Mother
You just knew didn't you".

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I really appreciate this one! It shows that some people look beyond the beauty of a structure and see the potential for good and the hope that people will experience something as wonderful as the intermingling of ideas and aspirations. Nice job!
There are other iconic structures and works of art that instill that kind of wonder; such as the Lincoln Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty etc... You just know, that they are so much more than pleasing to the eye; they are a symbol of human-kind's perpetual striving for meaning and hope. Very well written and a testimony to the love of a daughter for her mother. Excellent!
~ Geez.

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Thank you for your absolutely beautiful review Sir.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Hi, Teddy,
Tender poetry! Very special. I hope you get to go!

I think unknowingly I have been writing about my Nostalgia this week. She had a chair too, when I last saw it it was full of cuddly toys but I'm far away now, so all I can do is write when my muse allows me to, I usually find it hard but I guess with such a great audience, I'm finding it's a pleasure.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

So good Teddy! Living near San Francisco for most of my life, I can say that every time I cross this golden bridge I am still struck by it, and the spectacular views surrounding it (It's more orange really though, LOL!).

One VERY minor nit: I think you mean to use "ask" in the first stanza.

There is always something new to discover in San Francisco town. Your mother knew!


Michael Anthony

I dedicate this to you, asked(so red faced) thank you I am almost blind without my reading glasses and never even noticed.
That's my excuse anyway. LoL
Always such a pleasure to see you.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

You're strong for going on without your mother.

Emily A.

We have to go on don't we, although it's been quite a few years I've never been able to write about her in my poems, until now.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I suppose I shouldn't have posted that, you just made me think about my own mother for a second...

Emily A.

Say what ever you wish, it's true she has been gone almost 10 years and I'm happy that I am able finally to remember her.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment


Emily A.

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